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How To Choose The Best Domain Name Like Pros

Choosing a domain name can be tricky and overwhelming. To choose the best or perfect domain name, you must think of a long term goal and what you want to achieve with the domain name.

When you choose a domain name, the key element of your website is defined. It will make up eventually the whole of your website. It will define, determine,  illustrate, differentiate, distinguish, and establish your website. It can even break your website.
Undoubtedly, it’s a significant key to identifying your website on the web.

Why is the domain name very important?

  • It’s your identity: Nobody knows you on the web as a blogger or a website owner without a domain name. It’s the “first impression for everyone that operates a website. Your URL is the main identity of being recognized by your visitors. It’s the first thing your visitors will see even if it takes you tremendous effort to share it anywhere.

The first impression is a lasting impression. A good and extremely decent domain name can make a constructive and lasting impression. Conversely, a bad domain name can intimidate visitors and make them bypass and avoid a website.

  • It influences and effects on SEO. Creating a domain name that conforms with the keywords of your website helps in SEO ranking. Although, a domain name with no related keyword can still rank.
  • It depicts your brand and makes your signature: A domain name gives you enhance your brand recognition and gives you a branding opportunity. And also make it easy to find your target and ideal audience.

What do you need a domain name for?

To start a blog or website!

To start a blog, you must have a domain name and a hosting plan, and we’re happy to inform you that you can get a 50% off discount purchasing a hosting plan and getting a free domain name registration from Bluehost, and also 50%-68% off the price from NameHero, with free domain registration.

How can I choose the right domain name?

  • Consider A Good And Brandable Domain Name
  • Consider An Easy Domain Name
  • Choose it Short, Don’t Make It Long And Lengthy
  • Choose A Professional and Good Domain Extension (We strongly recommend  .com)
  • Make It Easy To Type. Don’t Consider Double Letter
  • Don’t Use Hyphens & Numbers
  • Don’t Choose A Domain Already With A Trademark
  • Consider What you Want To Achieve

Consider A Good and Brandable Domain Name

When choosing a domain name, you must choose a unique, brandable that is free from question and exist specifically for your viewers and visitors.

While trying to choose such a domain name, you should be smart, do research, and register the domain before others get a hold of it. This is because it will be the foundation of your brand and your identity online.

Branding a domain name means you must choose a catchy, creative, remarkable, and specific domain name. For example, “” is a much more specific and brandable name than “”

So, a brandable domain name will be the one that stands out from the competition and able to attract the player in a game, easy to remember, and cannot be mistaken for another website’s domain name.

A few tips to find a quick and brandable domain name:

Start by creating and constructing new words. Merge them and combine phrases to make something meaningful. Websites like,,, made sure their domain name is brandable and unique. Which simply means you can create your own unique and brandable domain name.

  • By using domain name generators: Using a domain name generator gives you a perception of suggestions and ideas that will make you choose a unique and brandable domain name with your keywords.

Consider An Easy Domain Name

The time you spent creating a domain name with your ideas and thinking should also conform with comfort and relief. An easy domain name will be easy to spell and pronounce. That few letters or phrase that went to succeed your fingers must fulfill the pleasure of the tongue.

When you find it easier to spell and pronounce your domain name, your visitors find it easier to do so. They don’t see it as dangerous or hard to share with others even when it tends to be word-of-mouth.

A few tips to select an easy domain name
  • Do simple research by writing and sharing your domain name with a different set of people to pronounce and spell.
  • If 60% of this people find it hard to pronounce, it means your domain is something not easy to spell and pronounce, and you should adjust and choose something easy but brandable

Choose It Short, Don’t Make It Long And Lengthy

Making it short is better! However, don’t be too accustomed to using a lengthy domain name. It’s better to have a domain name that’s short and memorable.

Research shows that keeping your domain name below 16 characters is better. But making sure it’s shorter is a good idea.

If your domain is as short as it will be easy to pronounce, your users won’t make mistakes in typing and spelling it.

If you can’t find something short, then be sure to take a deep research idea and determine to use a brandable domain name. is exactly 16 characters.

Set a goal of using 6-16 characters always have it in mind that when your domain name is short, it can be the greatest decision you had made for your website.

Registering a long domain name are ideas of the former internet users but not something encouraged now when the internet has transformed into something even better and intelligent.

Choose A Professional and Good Domain Name Extension (We strongly recommend .com)

Till today, every new domain name extension becomes available. While some become expensive, professional domain name extensions are found less expensive.

You will easily find your niche extension while trying to register a new domain name but they seem to be weird and not professional. These domain name changed from the unique .com, .org, and .net to niche-specific and generic extensions like .fashion, .blog, .photography, .club, .space, .pizza and so on.

Our strong recommendation: Choose “.com” over other domain name extensions. If you can’t get that or found out it’s already taken, try the unique “.org, and “.net. When you’re still trying hard and can’t find these three options, try coming up with another domain name ideas, you can also follow our steps from above again and again.

It isn’t easy coming up with smart and intelligent domain names trying new extensions, you won’t doubt choosing the .com extension because it is durable, credible, and the most established among all other domain name extensions apart from .net, and .org.

Take this as a case study

Many successful websites you see may use “.net” and “.org”, but to find yourself and your website a better look, it is better to go with a “.com” extension.

Domains created with a “. com” extension are highly free from the percentage risk of being mistaken with a different extension. While you are trying to access another person’s website, something unique will come to your mind and the option to add a domain extension will be choosing .com.
Most keyboard gives .com extension suggestion while you try to type something in the “search-space”.

Don’t let .fashion, .blog, .photography, .club, .space, .pizza and so on extension be mistaken as a subdomain of a website while others are trying to type it.

If your domain name is created with a .fashion extension, many users may mistaken it for (as an example) which is a risk to end up with a wrong domain name, and losing your visitors.

Make It Easy To Type. Don’t Consider Double Letter

Make it easy to type and spell your domain name. This is because it is a good option to make your domain name easy to type without a problem. When visitors find it easy to type your domain name, they are likely to visit your website if what you offer is something valuable without even trying any search engine.

The moment you try to explain your domain name to a lot of people who keep asking on every occasion is the time you’ll get to know that your domain name is hard to type.

The disadvantage is that people will try to type your domain but they will end up on another person’s website. This can lead to the loss of visitors.

While trying to use an easy-to-type domain name, it’s a good idea to avoid creating a domain with doubled letters. If you avoid domain names with doubled letters, your chances of losing traffic to typographic errors are low.
If a website has as its domain name, it’s prone to losing traffic because of the chance of typographic error.

Don’t Use Hyphens & Numbers

It’s never advisable to create a domain name with hyphens and numbers. Creating a domain name with hyphens gives your visitors a negative impression. The bulk of a lot of visitors may consider such domain name a spam domain which will primarily make you lose a lot of potential visitors to your website.

Don’t add hyphens to your domain name because you think the domain has already been taken by someone else. Try and devise a new and simple domain name.

For example, “” is more simple and brandable than

Creating a domain name with numbers can make people think it’s a “username”. While you’re trying to make your domain name simple and easy to pronounce, you must make sure it is easy to type and think without having doubts.

For example can be mistaken for and this can constitute a huge loss of traffic if your visitors are typing “” instead of “”, hoping to land on your website but landing on your competitor’s website.

Don’t Choose A Domain Already With A Trademark

To avoid legal issues, staying away from names that already have trademarks is paramount to achieving this.

Before choosing a particular domain name, make sure to check if the name has already appeared on the web or social media, as well as if there are any trademarks already associated with or registered to the name of the domain choose.

Use tools like Knowem to search for a potential domain name. Knowem is a popular tool that will show you results from more than 25 social networks, and also tell if there are any trademarks associated with the name.

Knowing the result will help you create a name for your brand across every social media which can make your visitors, fans, readers, students, etc, know and find you easily.

Consider What you Want To Achieve

Your domain name will have a significant impact on the journey of your blogging success and potential. If you can decide to use a domain name that conforms with what you want to achieve, it can be the greatest decision you have ever made for your blog!

How To Get A Domain Name

There are two ways of getting a domain name. One of which is free and the other is paid.

  1. Domain Registration With Web Hosting (Free Domain)
  2. Getting Your Domain Name From A Domain Registrar

Domain Registration With Web Hosting (Free Domain)

Hosting companies are competing everyday with new ideas and packages. Some are giving their customers an option to get their desired domain for free as a service, especially when they purchase a hosting plan with new hosting accounts. Choosing carefully the best hosting that protects your privacy when you get your domain from them is important.

Note that the majority of these hosting companies offer their free domain registrations for the first year only to save you from spending much on buying a new domain name as a startup. Basically, the free domain registration offer will renew at the end of the first year for a fee of $14 or more per year.

A lot of people seize the benefit of getting the free domain for the first year (even if they are starting a new blog) because they can’t start their blog/website without it. It’s unique getting this offer!

Let’s walk you straight to some of the few hosting companies that offer their customers a free domain name and other free hosting resources (like; a huge percentage of discount, a free SSL certificate, etc.)

  • BluehostBluehost is one of the popular web hosting company that’s amongst the largest hosting community in the world. They have successfully hosted over 2 million websites along with its sister companies, Hostgator, FastDomain, and iPage.
  • iPage: iPage has hosted over 1 million websites successfully and is broadly a nice web hosting provider on the web if you have a low budget plan. They have hosting plans of $1.99/month for the web with a free domain name.
  • DreamHost: DreamHost is ranked as one of the best web hosting providers in the world. They are authorized by Automattic and have a free domain registration with high quality hosting plans for our readers at this time.
  • GreenGeeks: GreenGeeks is a fast-growing web hosting company that offers eco-friendly web hosting options and a free domain name registration for our readers. If you use this link to start your blogging journey, you will have the opportunity of registering a free new domain name.
  • Kinsta: Kinsta is the best cloud-based hosting company for WordPress websites. By exploiting Google Cloud and LXD orchestrated Linux containers at their data cores around the world, they powered a large number of websites with huge speed. They have a free domain registration for their new users and if you use our link to get a new domain name, and a hosting plan you will get a 50% off their hosting plans.
  • WPEngine: WPEngine is one of the biggest hosting companies offering extremely fast and light hosting plans. With their outstanding hosting plans, they allow their new users to get a free domain during registration.
  • A2Hosting: A2Hosting offers very fast hosting plans with a unique customer care support system. They are outstanding because they also have a free domain registration for their new users.
  • Hostinger also offers free domain registration and has user and budget-friendly hosting plans.
  • HostGator is among the best hosting provider that has been around since 2002, rendering satisfactory services and giving full support. They allow new users to register a new domain name.

Getting Your Domain Name From A Domain Registrar

Registering a domain name just like may differ per registrar, it can vary from $8 to $25.

Prominent Domain Registrars

If you just want to register a domain name without purchasing hosting, then you can do that by obtaining it from a domain name registrar.

  • is giving our readers a 25% discount upon purchase of a new domain name.
  • Namecheap: One of the largest domain registrars out there. was registered with them and they are offering our readers a 25% discount off the price.
  • GoDaddy is among the first domain registrar and hosting provider in the world. They protect and maintain more than 63 million domain names for over 14 million dependents.

GoDaddy is offering a great discount for their hosting plan and a free domain name to our readers. If you follow our link to register a domain name or obtain a hosting plan, you will get a 50% discounted price.

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