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How To Monetize A Blog (A Comprehensive Guide)

How, when, and where to make money blogging is the question new bloggers ask, the topic they tend to be most curious about.

If you make money while blogging, that’s incredible and outstanding. In reality, if you can help people solve their problems, you’re guaranteed— with strong conviction, that you will make money from your blog, ultimately.

If you’re determined and want to make money with your blog, you should be looking for scalable means and strategies to put in and in this article, we’ll show you how you can monetize any kind of blog and make money online whether you are just starting out or not getting high page views or traffic or getting enough traffic.


Remember there are at least five resources that are of greater importance than money: health, creativity, discipline, strength, and attention.

For a lot of people, making money immediately they started blogging spurs to be their priority. For some, building audience and authenticity becomes more vital.

This articleHow To Monetize A Blog is exclusively free to share, without restriction. It is just for you to take action and do it. A lot of new and upcoming bloggers from our Blogging Community would love to make money blogging, some simply love to make it but give up too soon, frequently when they aren’t getting the desired results they have hoped for. You can see our tips on how to improve your blog and succeed.

This article is relatively long and you would really love to navigate through, so we created a table of contents below for easy navigation.

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Can I really make money blogging? How do you make money blogging?

Making money from your blog has really become easy but there’s a need for investment of time, energy, consistency, and enthusiasm.

Sometimes, when you start looking for ways to create passive income with your job, it becomes sad if you find out you have to leave the job for others. And that’s permanent for all employees. The next thing you begin searching for is another employment to supplement your income. Others with an entrepreneurial mind will always think of ways to make a life full of a positive legacy for themselves, they begin peeking around the internet researching ideas and strategies. Fortunately, they come across what they need to execute. No sooner, they find ways that require a little or big investment, they become startled and dejected. The reason because they are not ready to kick start. You have to start with “why”?

If you can start a blog that will support your lifestyle and help you create passive income for yourself, you will be surprised by the end results. Then you can pretty much reap the rewards as you like from blogging if you are qualified and prepared to persevere and put in hard works.

Before We Start Making Money Blogging: Here are some things you should remember.

Remember the five resources that are of greater importance than money:

  1. health,
  2. creativity,
  3. discipline,
  4. strength, and
  5. attention.

Remember and don’t fall!

  • You can’t start a blog in the day and make the money overnight!
  • To create a successful blog, you will fail more than you will start to succeed. Those are the lessons of life and blogging.
  • Blogging isn’t for lazy and undetermined people. It’s for those who are consistent, disciplined, and people that strive to learn and apply.
  • You can be motivated by other successful bloggers but can’t compare their successes with your failures. You can’t compare their journey with what you’ve just started. You can’t compare the new blogging strategies with what they used to succeed, 10 or 20 years ago.
  • You have to be passionate, honest, and transparent. You need to know how to deal with criticism and negative feedback while blogging.
  • You won’t move anywhere, even from one step to another if your goal is to bring others down. What’s different from this is COMPETITION?
  • That you’re starting a blog doesn’t mean you should embarrass other people’s endeavors. You may succeed in blogging but never look down on anyone trying to make it through other strategies that are different from blogging.

To Really Make Money Blogging, You Must Know:

What making money really is

It’s with a blog! To start making money with a blog. You must have a blog. It’s that simple! Because there’s nothing false with making money while blogging which you can do through your efforts, commitment, dedication, and your ability to offer products and services.

The main reason for starting a blog with all these mentioned is because you have something to convey, express, or communicate.

Why WordPress is important

WordPress is recognized as the most established website builder. Since the internet is a huge space, WordPress operates through more than 30% of all websites on the internet. WordPress is easy and simple to install and it’s the best option for beginners craving to build websites.

With WordPress, you can extend the functionality of your blog, start a shop on/with your blog, start a membership website, and anything you need to make your website look professional, all alongside your blog content and earn money.

With your own WordPress blog, you can start making money blogging. Though, making sure that you choose the right platform is important.

Virtually, there are two types of WordPress available. A lot of people get confused on the verge of choosing between the two types of WordPress ( and which is a hosted solution and a free blog hosting platform, and, the self-hosted WordPress version.

Recommendation: Using allow you to start making money without any restrictions or hindrances.

A Domain Name

It’s a must to have a domain name. Typically, a domain name costs $14.99 per year. A domain name is important to start a blog with

Web Hosting

You need a Web hosting account and this costs $7.99 per month and usually paid for at the end of a year. Web Hosting is also important to start a blog with

Just as we’ve said, starting a new blog comes with a lot of money. And luckily, we have gotten a special discount from Bluehost. They will offer 50% off and a free domain name to Exceptionalways users.

Practically, by utilizing this offer, you will be able to get your blog hosted for just $3.75 per month instead of $7.99. Because Bluehost is an officially recommended WordPress hosting provider and one of the largest hosting companies in the world. We are glad to tell you that your door to making money online is open.

After getting your hosting plan, the next thing is to install WordPress. You can follow our guide on how to install WordPress on Your Hosting Account in less than 10minutes.

How Much Time It Takes To Make Money Blogging

Earning and Making money online is not a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme, especially with a blog. If anyone should tell you otherwise, after reading this article, then consider yourself being scammed. To make money blogging, you will have to start a blog, then you will have to work hard enough, preserve, be consistent, and invest much of your time into it.

If anyone tells you that you will make money with your blog tomorrow. Well, it will depend on you and your blog. Because there is no easy way to tell you how soon you would start making money.

Many bloggers began making little amounts soon after starting their blogs. Others went to a high distance, strived, and struggled to monetize and get their blogs to take off.

However, if you’ve failed with your blog for days, weeks, months, or years. This is an opportunity for you. I know you wouldn’t be here if you don’t want to make money online. You’re here because you know the value of exposing and investing in yourself.

Those who persevered, worked, and hold on to a planned strategy are the ones that will succeed.

If you want to earn a living, take off correctly, and aim away from failure, you will succeed!


When Should I Start To Monetize My Blog?

Right from the time you start blogging! But you should be aware that there is no guarantee that a certain amount of traffic or built email list can help you make money with your blog.

Depending on how much effort you put in, how much time you can spend blogging and writing with devotion, how clearly you are able to fight through, deal, and cope with failure, and the time you are willing to subsidize, you will make money right from the start of the journey.

However, you must be aware that getting constant traffic and growing your email list can help you but the two aren’t necessarily a great determiner of how you will make money with your blog.

How Much Money You Can Make Blogging

It really depends on how consistent you are, how much effort you put in, how much time you can spend blogging and writing with devotion, how clearly you are able to fight through, deal, and cope with failure, and the time you are willing to subsidize. In reality, a lot that just started blogging (beginners) lose interest in quite a small time just because they aren’t seeing the results they want. They fail because they don’t have goals and want quick results.

Positively, you will start making money with the amount (little or huge) of traffic you get, your ideas and creativity, the monetization strategies and methods you use, the efforts you put in, and importantly, with the “why” or “reason” you started blogging.

The Proven and Practical Ways To Make Money Online — With A Blog

A quick admonition:

When you first started your blog, advertising always came striking your mind every day because it’s the first thing that became apparent when you searched online or ask others.

You can make money online with promotions and advertising. You have always think about this and I see a lot of beginner bloggers wanting to apply on Google AdSense but every time they try, they get rejected.

A lot of difficulties encountered may transpire as a result of scraped content, policy violation, absence of possible and important legal pages, and lack of better strategies.

Getting laid down every day isn’t productive just as you have started exploring the blogosphere. It is possible to make money by displaying advertisements on a blog, but there are many other ways you can open your blog to monetization. Here are the few advertisement platforms:

  1. Google AdSense
  3. Adsterra
  4. PropellerAds
  5. Amazon Native Shopping Ads
  6. Adversal
  7. VigLink
  8. SkimLinks
  9. Taboola
  10. Monumetric
  11. InfoLinks
  12. ylliX
  13. Evadav
  14. PopCash
  15. PopAds
  16. RevContent
  17. OIO Publisher
  18. SHE Media
  19. AdRecover
  20. Adbuff
  21. MadAds Media
  22. Bitvertiser
  23. AdClickMedia
  24. AdNaira

Google AdSense

Google AdSense

Google AdSense has dominated the internet and a popular medium for making money online with your website or blog through ads.

AdSense is an advertising program operated by Google. Just like a faculty will have several departments, AdSense is one of Google’s departments launched in 2003, and one of the most popular advertisement networks online for websites, blogs, forums, and webmasters looking for ways to open their portal for monetization.

Since the internet is a huge space, any kind of website can use AdSense, but not all websites can run ads successfully. At the peek of opening your own portal for ads, you must know the type of websites that can gladly run AdSense efficiently.

To understand which website is a good option for AdSense, here is a list of options.

  1. Blogs – Blogs are the most efficient portals for ads. A blog that active and operated consistently with a comparable amount of traffic can run ads successfully.
  2. Forums – There are other websites that are built, in the form of forums, the founder one way or the other will have it in mind that it’s a considerable way of generating revenue. While allowing members and communities to create topics for discussion, monetization comes along with it.
  3. Open and Free Online Tool – If you build a website that offers a free tool, product, or service, with the aim of solving visitors problems, one way these kinds of website thrives is with ads. See PrepostSEO.

While AdSense offers a great service, is a direct competitor.


An advertising network that is operated by Yahoo and Bing. It is one of the world’s leading contextual ad networks.

It was the first to develop a server-side header bidding strategy, which can be fully organized, allowing you to make the most of strategic display with no stress. Presently, developed a WordPress plugin that allows publishers to take control of ads on their websites.

Contextual ads allow you to monetize your content with completely alternative access to searches from Yahoo! Bing. The ad network provides access to content-driven publishers, so you can maximize your ad earnings and seize the advantage of optimizing your content.

One of the cons here is that it’s selectively country-wise. You don’t get much from this ad network if you are not getting traffic from a specific location.



When it comes to monetizing your blog/website alongside your videos and optimizing your website to open a portal for passive income, Adsterra comes in. They offer great advertising preferences for both publishers and advertisers. They allow publishers and advertisers to create an income approach that is quite different from other advertisement platforms.

Adsterra’s rapid growth makes it a trusted network among others, generating a huge amount of traffic and building more than 10 billion impressions every month.

Adsterra offers standard adverts like the well-known display banners, and other flexible ad formats like popunders, push notifications and pre-roll video optimized for both desktop and mobile.

This network makes it easy to create an income stream and monetize your website traffic with its user-friendly features.



PropellerAds is an extensive ad network that delivers a wide range of adverts like push notifications, sponsored links, banners, and not only allows you to connect with your visitors or users by also allows you to reach Billion users.

The platform is simple to use with an easy ad designer that allows you to get your ads to the world effortlessly but with a click of buttons. It comes along with a great amount of targeting choices and with performance distribution, which helps you work reactively to improve your ads. It also features automated ad optimization, with programmable preferences.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Amazon’s affiliate program has really helped a lot of bloggers, and other websites that partnered with Amazon to generate extra revenue for in big time. However, “Amazon Native Shopping Ads” offer blogs and various websites a pretty direction to monetize their website.

Like Google AdSense, “Amazon Native Shopping Ads” offer contextual ads just like They display relevant suggestions and similar products based on the page content and keywords of your blog.

From amongst the top e-commerce websites, Amazon has been on top of the market, and its conversion rate is much higher than any other eCommerce website. You can create a passive income by powering your website with this unique traffic and conversion rate with nothing much than just a little effort.

If your visitors take off, click the ads and make a purchase regardless of which type of item is clicked, you get a commission from this sale.



This ad network is a self-serve advertising platform (indicated on their website landing page). They allow you to get your ads developed from scratch in just a twinkling.

Its flexibility allows you to initiate, stop, and pause campaigns, making it simple and reflexive to use. The good news is that once you’ve arranged everything, you can just leave it (the website) to do the work.

But the bad news is you must have at least 50,000 pageviews per month, have your very own domain name, and your website must be accessible for all (not protected by a login).


By converting legal and regular product links into affiliate links, VigLink helps you to generate passive income from clicks and arising sales.
VigLink (Sovrn //Commerce) provides income to publishers through content-driven-exchange/commerce with knowledge/insights, intuition, and automation.

They are also preferable when you’re serious about earning with your blog or website because they create competition among advertisers for your blog/website traffic with their monetization tools, allowing you to get the sufficient and biggest price.

Knowledge/In-depth insights display which products and advertisers give you high asset and capital so you can optimize your action. Focusing on creating outstanding content gives you a clear perception rather than tracking affiliate incomes. This is what their Automation of the process infers.

Something special about Sovrn //Commerce is that they pay publishers per impression along with their arising affiliate links revenue. This implies that you earn as much as possible whenever your ad is served, regardless of whether or not it is clicked by your visitors.


This ad network automates affiliation and unlocks a new revenue stream for your content. This tool allows you to concentrate on powering your website without fretting and fussing about building up their affiliate links.

SkimLinks will automatically update your commerce content with affiliate links, it’s will also enhance all commerce strategies you have prepared, which include a website, mobile, email, and social media.

By joining SkimLinks, you have direct access to a global network of almost or more than 49,000+ vendors and 50 demand partners. You can also find vendors that give unique commissions to Skimlinks’ publishers through doors open by the website (VIP & PPP [Preferred Partner Program])



Monumetric, formally The Blogger Network, known for its full-service ad.

They allow you to monetize your blog or site by serving ads with the best user experience for your visitors.

The reason why they are different from other ad networks, including AdSense is that they pay for every impression, they use CPM rather than CPC, and their pay rates are of greater volume than AdSense. If you’re planning to create passive income with your website or blog. They are the best shot.

Every ad network has something that comes along with their offer. So Monumetric’s minimum traffic requirement is 10,000 monthly views (pageviews).

Also, there’s a setup fee for sites with between 10k and 80k views which is roughly around 99%. To succeed in using their ad network, you should be sure of driving the traffic requirement to your website.


Infolinks is a universal and undisputed advertising network that intends to provide brand messages to engaged users. Their unique characteristic is their flexibility because it is easy to integrate Infolinks into a website in just a few minutes.

Infolinks currently supports a marketplace of over 100,000 websites operating in 128 countries.

If you are worried about losing your visitors. Infolink has ads that are completely customizable and offer a special placement to improve click-through rate without altering the look and feel of your website.



ylliX to a lot of people have a better pay rate even compared to Google AdSense. This is true and the advertising network offers several ad types, optimized for both desktop and mobile for the best user experience. The popular ad types which include mobile redirects, popunder ads, sliders, layer ads, and full-page ads.

Their unique characteristic is their immediate account activation, comprehensive reports, daily payments without restrictions, 100% fill rates, and fair rates.

They provide exact campaign targeting and a self-serve platform which means you’ve full control over your campaigns. You don’t have to pay a dime to use their service, traffic arrives from verified origins to secure quality and increase conversions.

One Quick Digest: They offer a hefty referral program. On every new active publisher or advertiser you refer, you get paid, up to $100. You also get 2% of their lifetime earnings. It’s worth trying.



Evadav is an advertising platform concentrating on push notifications, but they also offer many ad choices, including banners, video sliders, and native ads, optimized for both desktop and mobile.

The basic principle is that when a user subscribes to your push notification system, your earning portal opens with constant daily income, and they stay glued to your account.

Just like ylliX offers a referral program, Evadav also has its own referral program that engages you with 5% of the dividend made by referred publishers, giving rise to your increase passive income effortlessly or with no efforts.



Taboola is an advertising network that helps you monetize your website traffic with article suggestions that appear below your content. If you’ve come across news sites with great traffic, you might be able to see the pretty Taboola article suggestion ads.

Although, it isn’t for startup websites but as your pageviews grow, you can easily monetize your website with Taboola by having the minimum traffic requirement of 500,000 pageviews per month.



This advertising network works with popups. Just like the name suggests, they are one of the popunder networks that offer a wide range of pop ads.

With 850 million monthly visitors and 50,000 active publishers, they’ve developed an income generator network that offers publishers the best options to monetize their blog or website.

To get started, you can make a $5 deposit with fast approval.

Comprehensive statistics and targeting features help you to frequently improve the performance of your ads and optimize them. Publishers can easily start generating income on their sites instantly while adjusting the popunder code to the pages of their choice and providing their domain for analysis and review.



Revcontent boosts your revenue and allows advertisers to pull a highly connected audience through technology and partnership.

They allow advertisers connections with some of the world’s biggest media brands because they are a high-quality advertising network that has quick and easy approval.

They maintain a high level of quality adverts and serve “Native Ads”, so you don’t have to fret about your traffic having low quality. They keep your content and ads engaged, and when you place the ads on your site, they look just like “related articles”, which makes them fuse well with your site’s content and demonstrating little or no discrepancy with your website design and increase your click-through rates by creating uniqueness in your visitor’s minds.

Signing in through a referral link signals quick approval than registering directly from their website. One of their best quality is that they offer a great income rate for clicks, and you can also increase your revenue through their referral program.



PopAds and PopCash both offer popunder type of ads. Conversely, PopAds outranked the latter claiming to be the heftiest paying advertising network for this type of advertising strategy.

Because they specialize in delivering popunder adverts, they are really worth trying.

This system comprises of advertisers from more than 50 countries, and they also have a referral program for their advertisers and publishers. There are lots of preferences for campaign targeting. For this reason, you have full control of what you want to pay.

It uses an advanced/state-of-the-art/avant-garde/cutting-edge bidding system that helps you to choose how much you want to pay for each popunder ads.

The higher the request, the more traffic you get, and the lower the request, the less traffic you’ll get. Each publisher sites is scrutinized and reviewed by humans to ensure that they meet certain requirements.

SHE Media


SHE Media‘s partner network focuses on blogs and websites intended for the female audience.

They offer advertisements of various kinds. Also with sponsored posts and paid product reviews, they give publishers incredible choices for monetization.

The network is specifically created by women and directed to women. They receive more than 50 million visitors every month, offering publishers a great audience.

The website provides premium content for women of all ages and different stages in life through its flagship websites; Femvertising, BlogHer, and, their exclusive program “Voices of the Year”.

OIO Publisher

OIO Publisher

With plugin development, OIO Publisher can be used as a WordPress plugin, providing you complete management and total control of your website’s ad space.

They allow multiple websites like many other advertising networks, making it easy to make money blogging.

Once you’ve set it up, installed, and activated the plugin, OIO automates the whole selling process except for some easy steps.

To get the most out of the tool, you must survive and be fit to find the best advertisers and deals. To get the full insight of this network, you need to explore and be involved (registered).



AdRecover aims to reverse the problems every website is facing by partnering with Adblock providers to operate ads with static, non-invasive, UX-compliant ads to visitors using ad blockers.

Since ad blockers blocks ads served by websites. AdRecover is the best platform that prevents Adblock from impeding ads.

Quite a number of people complain about their ads not displaying on some browsers that strongly employs as blockers to restrict ads from showing.

By using AdRecover, you’ll be able to access and reach highly difficult users that typically wouldn’t be available because of their use of ad blockers.

It takes a week for your site to be approved because you will need to install AdRecover to get your site’s traffic monitored.

Your site must be functional and be receiving at least 10,000 visitors per month.

MadAds Media

MadAds Media

Being one of the best alternatives to AdSense, MadAds has diverse forms of ad campaigns, including CPC, CPM, CPA, and CPL.

Your site must be having at least 10,000 daily pageviews. The funniest part of this advertising network is that your site must be optimized, mobile-friendly, responsive, family-friendly, and sufficiently designed for it to be accepted.



Bidvertiser is an advertising network that helps you create a balance between your income stream flow and your monthly allowance. Not only this, but they also help you search for competitions and matches between advertisers and publishers.

Just like other unique advertising networks, Bidvertiser has a referral program that pays and encourages both advertisers and publishers. The more you use the ads, with their referral program. The more you get more assets and pull in passive income.



If you’re nervous that your visitors have to click on ads before you get paid, you don’t have to worry when working with Adbuff.

This advertising network pays you by CPC or CPM. While you’re sitting, relaxing, having published your posts, advert served, you receive income simply for them viewing your posts or pages.

Adbuff is reliable because they allow Publishers to receive exactly 90% of advertiser revenue, making their services exceptional.

While worrying about the safety of your site with regards to the ads served, Adbuff offers brand-safe ads to keep your site accessible to everyone.

The downside of this advertising network is they only accept English-language websites at least 2,000 monthly visitors and traffic mainly from the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK.


AdClick Media

With no restrictions and country-selective wise, AdClickMedia offers CPM & PPC advertising solutions for registered advertisers and generally websites and blogs.

Since there are no minimum traffic requirements, new websites and blogs can increase their revenue even with little visitors.

With 110 million monthly pageviews, more than 6,200 registered publishers. They offer you the best choice to balance your income stream by partnering with 113 email subscription networks.

With their subscription advertising, you are allowed to display ads on any influential blog or website. But for $49 per month.



AdNaira is an advertising media agency that connects Advertisers to their target audience, connects with publishers, and offer them better results through high traffic.

When you sign up with them, you have full control of your ads. Giving you options to choose ads that match your site’s content.

Research shows that they allow ads on apps and offer websites and blogs the best option to make money blogging.

AdNaira is free, simple to use, and makes it easy to place ads on your website. They pay per click, impression, and action.

Also, you don’t have to worry about your visitors clicking only on your ads to get paid. You get paid per thousand impressions. They offer ads to a wide range of websites in Nigeria and have their ads optimized for desktop and mobile while striving to provide the possible best results.

Monetizing With Affiliate Marketing

What’s Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an agreement and arrangement by a company and an affiliate (you) to earn a commission from various products, tools, and services purchased through the affiliate.

This agreement is usually certified by the company when all the necessary conditions and requirements are met.

Literally, the affiliate or associate send referral traffic to the company who operates the affiliate program. Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways for brands (either small or large) to attract new and old customers.

The company liaises with the associating partner to showcase their brand on their profile (i.e, blogs, websites, social media accounts, etc.) when they sense that the bulk of a lot of their prospective customers are finding their ways to the associate’s website/profile.

Why Should I Join An Affiliate Program/Network?

The reason is best known to you, what you need and want to conquer. For many people, the purpose of joining an affiliate network and marketing is to be financially stable, reap the rewards of blogging, and having a website. But everything comes with a price and the price of affiliate marketing for bloggers is to have a blog/website, be dedicated, and confident.

People always get confused when it comes to affiliate marketing. They tend to assume affiliate marketing is all about referral marketing.

This is probably the perception because both referral & affiliate marketing involves the use of third parties who operate the business through a merchant or retailer.

The reward of affiliate marketing stems from your content or strategy. And for every kind of content you have to display on your blog/website, you already have a choice to include affiliation to other third parties offering great revenue. The contents might be posts you already want to write on your blog, products you want to sell, service you want to render, etc.

To buttress it all. Affiliate programs are one of the promising (and easiest) ways to open your blog/website to revenue, regardless of how many times you’ve been trying to increase your pageviews or readers. However, you have to stay on track. Look out for the best affiliate programs and decide where your income will come through.

How Can I Join An Affiliate Program?

If you’re a blogger, your tendency of joining an affiliate program is strong. However, you are left with two choices: whether to join one program alone or join multiple programs — Using ShareASale, CJ Affiliates, ClickBank, Impact, etc.

Now that you’ve got to know what affiliate marketing is, choosing the best affiliate programs should follow to be a successful blogger.

Hosting Company Affiliate Marketing Programs

E-Commerce Affiliate Marketing Programs

Blogging Marketing (Tools) Affiliate Programs

Other Affiliate Marketing Programs

Hosting Company Affiliate Marketing Programs

It is good to start with one of the foundations of a website— Hosting. Through this hosting, tons of websites came alive.

So, when we speak about web hosting companies, some are outstanding in Affiliate Marketing and others are still striving to be at the top of the market.

However, it’s good to start with web hosting companies that offer some of the best payouts with incredibly high conversion rates.



Bluehost is a popular web hosting company that’s amongst the largest hosting community in the world. They have successfully hosted over 2 million websites along with its sister companies, Hostgator, FastDomain, and IPage.

Because Bluehost have inexpensive price for their plans, they are ranked as the best web hosting company for bloggers with their affordable plans.

They are one of the best options for bloggers who are looking for passive income opportunities on their blog, greatly if their blog covers topics related to website tutorials, WordPress, and topics related to the huge internet space.

It was recorded that the company has paid out $5 million in commissions to its affiliate partners, making it one of the highest paying affiliate programs among web hosting companies.

Bluehost is free to join, and payout $65 for every sign-up generated from their affiliate partners. Ultimately they increase their commission rate based on the volume of sign-ups generated from their partners (by paying them more) and extend their payments through PayPal.



Just as the name suggests. DreamHost is worth dreaming of. It’s free to join. It’s ranked as one of the best web hosting providers in the world. They are endorsed by Automattic— the mastermind behind WordPress.

They are not just providing top degree hosting service, they also provide an outstanding affiliate program that pays out up to $200 on every affiliate sign ups (depending upon the plan) and the quantity of customers they get through their affiliate partners.

For every sign-up, you get $15 to $200 commission depending upon the plan your customer purchase.



While Bluehost and Dreamhost are recommended hosting provider by WordPress, SiteGround is free to join and stands among the top web hosting provider that is specifically recommended by WordPress.

Because of the unique speed, SiteGround hosting provides, it is the genuine choice for WordPress users. If you have come across SiteGround web hosting, you shouldn’t be informed regarding their affiliate program. It’s something we actually recommend for bloggers.

SiteGround pays at a high commission rate of $50 for the first 5 sales, and if you continue to increase your sales as their affiliate partner, your payment commission increases as the sales increase, up to $100 per sale.



Wouldn’t it be nice to join the affiliate program of a hosting provider that has been around since 2002, rendering the best service and paying out affiliate partners?

Recommended, because they offer a generous commission rate to affiliate partners.

Because of the great service they render, they have successfully hosted over 8 million websites on their servers.

They pay via Electronic Funds Transfer and/or PayPal and their commission rate is $65 for the first 5 sales, and your payment commission increases as the sales increase, up to $100 per sale.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting

Because of the well established and strong customer support system, A2 Hosting is recognized for its fast web hosting and cheap plans. They are WordPress hosting provider established in 2001.

Their affiliate program exists generously to help bloggers monetize their blogs.

They pay via PayPal and their commission rate is $85 for 10 sales a month specifically for new customers. But this rate reaches a peak where $140 is paid for more than 30 sales a month. They also allocate $5 for second-tier commission.



We don’t pretty much have enough information about Hostinger. This is because of the little information provided during the affiliate sign up.
Their affiliate program is free to join and the minimum payment commission is 60%



GreenGeeks has been around since 2008. They offer eco-friendly web hosting options and are a fast-growing web hosting provider.

Their affiliate program is easy and free to join. However, they pay affiliates via PayPal, Check, and Wire transfer.

Their commission rate increases from $50 for the first sales up to $100 for more than 6 sales.



NameCheap is a domain name registrar just has the name suggests. However, they have cheap and inexpensive hosting plans. They have a strong customer support system because we have always tested them out.

They furthermore provide other products and services such as security, apps, VPNs, and other products and services. They also have a decent and generous affiliate program for blog owners.

They deliver their commissions based on the type of product obtained from affiliates but have ranged between relatively 20% and 50% of the asset.

Their payout options include PayPal, direct deposit, wire transfer, electronic funds transfer, and check by mail.

One of the reasons this affiliate program is interesting is because they offer cheap plans and have a really strong customer support system. However, free blogs (like Wix or WordPress free plans) are not eligible for the program, and their standards are clearly established.



A website that offers managed cloud hosting. They work with people, even as teams, and businesses to expand, grow, and build websites.

They allow users to build websites even as a beginner, without previous technical knowledge. They are one of the hosting company with the best affiliate program.

They designed their affiliate program in a way that gives affiliate partners two preferences for commission and their payout method is via PayPal and Wire Transfer.

Since they offer two routes of commission. You can choose from the two options:

  1. Slab &
  2. Hybrid

Choosing the slab commission method means you receive a specific amount for each new customer. If 5 customers use your affiliate link and make a purchase, you get $50 in return, and the commission rate increases when your referrals successfully initiate new transactions.

Hybrid means you earn a $30 commission for every sale. Furthermore, you get a 7% lifetime commission.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web

A hosting provider that has been around for more than 22 years. They offer shared, managed, and enterprise hosting picks for their customers and is recommended for their best hosting options. They offer a free affiliate program for anyone trying to partner with them.

Their commission is $150 for every sale on new customers and pays their affiliates via Direct deposit. Their affiliate program also allows partners to earn a 50% bonus for pre-paid plans.



Kinsta is large and the best cloud-based hosting company for WordPress websites. By exploiting Google Cloud and LXD orchestrated Linux containers at their data cores around the world, Kinsta is known to be one of the best-managed hosting providers available for websites (especially bloggers).

They provide extremely fast hosting, offer SSL support via Let’s Encrypt, and many other unique features.

They offer affiliates the option to partner with them and make money with PayPal. This is obviously a good option for bloggers looking for affiliate marketing options available on hosting companies.

Their commission rate increases up to $500 for every referral (depending on the plan obtained). There is also a 10% monthly recurring lifetime commissions for affiliates.



Like Kinsta, Flywheel is a managed WordPress hosting provider that has been around for more than 7 years.

Their hosting plans work specifically for everyone trying to be creative and develop websites, blogs without any prior knowledge and experience about web development.

They payout via PayPal and their commission rate is 300% (up to $500) of the first month’s earnings.

WP Engine

WP Engine Affiliate Program

WP Engine has been around for over 10 years. They offer hosting plans to bloggers, small, medium-sized, and large businesses, and companies that need reliable hosting plans.

They are one of the best hosting companies offering extremely fast and light hosting plans and their affiliate program is one of the best in demand for bloggers and website owners.

Their payment methods include PayPal or ACH with $200 minimum commissions for their hosting sales and 35% commissions of StudioPress theme sales.


GoDaddy Affiliate Program

GoDaddy is among the old web hosting companies and domain registrars still matching the internet’s web hosting companies. They’ve been around since 1997. They have over 17.5 million customers worldwide.

Their affiliate program is one of it’s kind, having the unique possibility of paying out affiliates on every sale.

E-Commerce Company Affiliate Marketing Programs

Amazon Affiliates


Amazon is a popular eCommerce platform that has been around for so many years. If you haven’t heard of Amazon before, then testing them out should be the best option.

If you sell products on your blog/website, then joining Amazon affiliate offers you a great choice to get commission and monetize your blog by promoting their affiliate links.

Their commission rate varies between 1.0% and 10.0% depending on the product category purchased by your visitors through your affiliate link. Their payment option is Direct bank deposit, Amazon gift card, or check.



Etsy is an online marketplace for crafters, craftsperson or artisans, and thrifters. They have been around for so many years. It is recorded that since 2012, Etsy has over 2 million active sellers with more than a million products.

Getting to know them better, Etsy also has an affiliate program that offers bloggers or website owners in the right niches (selective based on what you promote on your blog) a choice to get commission purchased via your affiliate links.

Since Etsy doesn’t relay their specific commission rates on their affiliate page.

There isn’t a way we can convey their commission rates to others but based on many reviews, their commission rate is between 4% and 8% for successful sales. Their payment is through check or direct deposit.



eBay is an online marketplace that has been around for more than a few years.

They have dominated the internet space of the online marketing platform and it’s a marketplace where every buyer has a glimpse of what they need to purchase.

They have a high commission rate for their affiliate programs. When you make a sale, you get a 50-70% of eBay’s dividend percentage. If a new user performs a sale, you get double the commission and also for reactivated users. Payment is via PayPal or direct deposit.



Shopify is an eCommerce company that delivers retail point-of-sale networks and online stores.

If you want to start an online business and grow, Shopify allows you to start, grow, and manage your business. Moreover, if you want to start a drop-shipping business, Shopify got you covered.

The cherry on the cake for bloggers and website owners is that Shopify has an affiliate marketing program that allows you to make an average of $58 for each user who signs up for a paid plan with your unique affiliate link but depending on the type of plan.

You also earn a $2000 commission for each Shopify Plus referral. Their affiliate is easy and free to join while they pay you via PayPal.



To start an online store, you will have to design, scale, and maintain it. But the big help here is that BigCommerce allows you to do just that. Making your store the best of stores. They provide all the tools you need to start an online store. BigCommerce is one of the best eCommerce websites on the internet huge space.

While Shopify offers you the ability to start and grow and manage your business, BigCommerce offers tools and built-in features to help your business and also create an online store to increase your conversion rate.

On top of this, they have an affiliate program that allows you to earn 200% of a customer’s first monthly payment. This can increase up to $1,500 per enterprise customer you refer to BigCommerce. They payout affiliates via direct deposit and wire transfer.

Blogging Marketing (Tools) Affiliate Programs



ConvertKit is one of the best email marketing providers that give automation capabilities improved and programmed specifically for websites (blogs and other creative websites).

They offer subscription-based service and direct this value towards bloggers, and website owners looking to streamline their email marketing strategy and make their ideas come true.

ConvertKit operates by generating more leads and turning your products into your desired revenue

They also have a special affiliate program for everyone, especially for websites, and offering a 30% commission for the lifetime of each customer referred by their affiliates. They payout via PayPal.



While you’re outside the web searching for online tools to start online classes, courses, and host your visitors with your outstanding knowledge.

Teachable comes in. It’s a wide platform that allows students to connect with their teachers, allows teachers to host and cultivate their ideas, and sell their online courses on different contents, subjects, and topics.

They have successfully hosted over 68,000 instructors and helped 18 million students. It’s one of the platforms that surfaced the Internet.

Teachable offers an affiliate program and this is what makes it a big shot for those who are new and just venturing into affiliate marketing. They have a 30% commission for each customer referred by their affiliates and pay them via PayPal.



Podia works just like Teachable but conversely, it is a digital storefront that enables you to offer memberships, sell online courses, memberships, perform digital downloads all in one place without getting diverse setups.

When you try to get a sub-domain for a website to offer online courses, another sub-domain for memberships, and later having supplementary websites for other options — you can use Podia as a one-shot.

Podia helps you try three things at once conveniently and also offer an affiliate program that payout 30% in commission you refer a customer to stay with them. Payment is via PayPal.



Every species have their habitats and Thinkific is a habitat for businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs to build, expand, develop, and market online courses.

Thinkific has been around for over 11 years. And it’s a place for bloggers to apply for affiliate programs and get paid for their services.

They give 20% commission for affiliate sales, particularly every month, and also offer commission for annual paid plans plus bonuses for annual registrations. Payment through PayPal.



A podcast hosting company that allows its users to track, facilitate, promote, and expand their podcasts.

Their paid plans range from $12 to $24 a month.
Buzzsprout also allows its users to earn superfluous income through their affiliate program.

$25 is given in commission for every paid referral. Moreover, a 20% recurring lifetime commission is paid to their customer. Payment through Pay Pal.



HubSpot is one of the biggest marketing websites. They are sales and customer service software industries. They have been around for absolutely 15-year and started initially as just a unique tool for marketers. They are a company making over $500 Million in annual revenue.

With their unique aim to help small business owners around the world, they provide tools to enhance small businesses.

Just around the marketing industry, their affiliate programs stand as one of the best giving out commission worth $250 for Starter (Basic), $500 for Professional (CMS), and $1,000 for their Enterprise sales. Their payment is via PayPal.



AWeber is an Email Marketing company, with the most established and outstanding email marketing services for bloggers, entrepreneurs, writers, small businesses, and more. AWeber was established more than 20 years ago with more than 100,000 customers today.

AWeber has been one of the best choices for bloggers. Just like ConvertKit, Aweber has an affiliate program that gives rapid payments. If you’re looking for the best choice of affiliate marketing around Email Marketing industries, you should gladly choose AWeber.

They pay via PayPal and offer a 30% commission to their affiliates.



Instapage is an important landing page builder among other websites that offers the same. They’re used by marketers and eCommerce businesses all over the world.

To create a unique landing page, you can employ their landing page builder because it makes it easy to create and launch beautiful landing pages for your new and old blog, products, or services, and helps you boost and increase your sales and get more customers through the best landing page.

So much so, they have an affiliate program that creates a way to earn effective income if you host and have an audience of marketers and eCommerce business owners on your blog.

When you sign up and drive more sales to Instapage with your unique affiliate link, you earn a 50% commission on the first payment, then a 30% monthly recurring commission. Payment is through PayPal!



LeadPages offers a strategy that allows bloggers, small business owners, writers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, to create landing pages and generate more leads with over 40,000 users presently.

They have various unique features for their users and allows users to make websites, pop-ups, alert bars, etc. They also have an affiliate program that stands to pay affiliates a 30% recurring commission through Direct deposit.



Adobe is a multinational computer software company that is based in the US. They’ve been around for so many years and have been tested all around the world. They offer a suite of productive and multimedia products.

With a $9.03 billion revenue generated, people find it very easy to join their affiliate program because they are one of the companies that pay users well.
If you’re a new blogger or an old blogger that hasn’t learn about adobe products, what they offer, you can gladly visit their website and read more about them.

Presently, bloggers can advertise Adobe products (e.g, Adobe Creative Cloud which includes Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop, along with all useful tools for designing the perfect blog layout).

If you participate in their affiliate, you can earn commission via Adobe Stock and Adobe Document Cloud. Payment is through Direct deposit.



Like Instapage and Leadpage, OptimizePress declares itself as the first and best landing page builder for WordPress.

If you’re done testing other landing pages that are crafted for websites. You can try the OptimizePress 3-in-1 toolkit designed to allow marketers to build elegant landing pages, sales pages, and membership sites.

If you’re a writer, and a book blogger and likes to write and sell eBooks, your tutorials, online courses, all in the form of books, your digital products, events and manage every form of digital revenue streams, OptimizePress is a standard website for stimulating your backend funnel.

OptimizePress offers an affiliate program that allows you to earn 40% per sale generated from your website or the portal you use to promote your affiliate marketing link (40% commission up to $118.80) and 20% recurring on all other (club) subscription sales by paying out through PayPal.



Elementor is perceived as one of the best page builders for WordPress. Having been trusted by a lot of bloggers using WordPress, Elementor offers a free version and a paid version of their page builder.

The free version comes along with a lot of features with a drag and drop control interface. But their paid version comes along with advanced features which include a theme builder, new pop up builder, WooCommerce page builder, and a lot of advanced features.

Elementor offers a free affiliate program that allows you to make outstanding income with your blog/website with a 50% commission per sale. Payment is through PayPal.

SEMrush – BeRush


SEMrush is a huge source for SEO research and a tool for every website that wants to top the market of every search engine. They help online businesses and marketers with their valuable keyword research, tracking, and search engine optimization.

We highly recommended using SEMrush for improving the ranking of your website by Search Engines.

SEMrush also comes with an affiliate program that offers a great option for bloggers and website owners to earn a constant income with their unique affiliate program label (BeRush). They offer a 40% commission and their payment is via PayPal or direct transfer.

Affiliate Programs for Travel, Fashion, etc.



An online travel platform also operated through an app and has over 800+ million reviews for lodgings, restaurants, knowledge, airlines, and cruises. It’s suitable for travel bloggers and bloggers that make reviews on their blog.

TripAdvisor gives a 50% commission produced/generated via a clicked commerce link with TripAdvisor. If a travel blog reached a certain level of traffic, they get additional stimuli. Payments are made by check.



Travelpayouts supports travel brands and bloggers and allows them to monetize their websites by leveraging and connecting them to a vast range of several potential affiliate partners all over the world.

If you join their affiliate program, you receive approximately $7 from every sold plane ticket and also obtain an average of $20 from each hotel reservation/booking provided the average total booking bill is $400.

According to research, the revenue percentage for both tickets and hotel reservations is about 50-80%. Payment details will be displayed to you when you join.



Nordstrom’s affiliate program is for fashion bloggers because they sell items including clothing, makeup, skincare, baby essentials, perfume, and cologne, etc. Although payment is made by check, their commission is highly traversable when you join.

Other Niche Affiliate Marketing Programs: Education, Business, Accounting, Jobs, Freelance, Courses, Marketing, etc.



Interact is an online tool crafted for websites, portals, blogs, and membership sites. It’s used for creating quizzes for your visitors, students, and readers with the ultimate goal of engagement and leads generation.

They provide tools that feature a brand’s audience and drive traffic to a website.

Since every teacher or instructor wants to create an aptitude test for their students, quizzes help to do just that. Interact offers many kinds of quizzes like scored quizzes, assessment quizzes, personality quizzes, etc.

By using Interact, you have access to their 800+ pre-made templates designed for their users, all in their library. And by joining their affiliate program, you have access to. a 30%recurring monthly commission for every lifetime customer purchase. Payment is through PayPal or Stripe.



Affluent is an affiliate management tool that helps you aggregate all your affiliate campaigns into a single profile/dashboard. It let you focus on your affiliate campaigns and make every data accessible in one end.

When you sign up into Affluent, you see all your affiliate links, reports, and program signals.

You also have the option to sign in to their affiliate program and earn a 100% commission of the first month’s revenue, and 20% two-tier commission for every sale of affiliates you enrolled. Payment via check or direct deposit.



Bonsai is an online tool for freelancers and solopreneurs, that helps streamline their projects, collect payments, and deliver invoices. Bonsai allows bloggers to easily reach freelancers and small business owners.

They have an affiliate program that offers a 25% commission on each paid subscription from their affiliates, cash bonuses, increased payments, and complete discounts for their affiliates. Payment via PayPal or direct deposit.



If your niche is accounting, business, and finance-related and you offer finance-related content on your blog or website, Quickbooks is is a strong affiliate opportunity for you! Especially when you write about taxes, finances, financial education, and promote educational content.

They are accounting software that has been around for over 25 years.
Their affiliate program is one of the best in the finance and marketing industry, offering up to 10% commission to their affiliates. So much so, payments are sent by check.



FreshBooks is an online tool that makes it easy for small businesses, accounting, and financial management services to have access to a range of features and power more spotlights.

It makes it easy for tracking any business financials by their online tools rather than using paper and helps simplifies and facilitates accounting activities. It’s accessible from anywhere across the globe and has a cloud-based service for easy accessibility.

They have an affiliate program that offers a $5 commission per free trial account sign-ups and $55 per paid account subscription. Their payment option is Direct deposit via ShareASale where their program is hosted. Getting a ShareASale account has become easy. So, go get one!



CreativeLive is an online education platform that hosts live classes and broadcasts them to a global (international audience). The company offers a range of classes, roaming from photography and videography to crafts, music, arts, and design, money, and life, and are further sub-categorized to create a meaningful user experience.

The company has been around for 10 years recording over two billion created expert-led courses, hosting millions of students from around the world.

Their affiliate program is a good and easy option for educational blogs, general blogs, and others with a 20% commission for every new customer purchases, a 10% for returning customer purchases, and a $1 special payment for every new registration. Payment via Check or direct deposit.



Udemy is one of the largest and incredibly outstanding online learning platform. Udemy is a platform intended for both students and adults. It’s recorded that Udemy has over 30 million students and instructors not less than 50,000, and still growing, instructors that teach courses in more than 60 distinct languages, with over 240+ million course enrollments.

They set up an affiliate program which is an attractive choice, moreover directed to educational blogs. Hosted on Rakuten LinkShare and accessible on other affiliate networks with a 15% commission and payment via Direct bank deposit.


Skillshare is a learning platform, based in the US and offer online educational courses. Skillshare has been around for so many years and offers the best choice for millions of people all over the world. People who are searching for personalized, on-demand academic, and educational courses.

Their online courses range from design, photography, web design, mobile development, and other learnable and remarkable courses.

They have an affiliate program that offers a $10 commission for every sign up on Skillshare through your affiliate link (Note: there’s a one-time referral fee). Their payment model is “Direct deposit”.



FlexJobs just like the name suggests offers a plenitude of job listings. It’s an online portal that has been around for so many years. FlexJobs being a productive resource for those who are looking for jobs quickly, online or offline is a good option on the internet. Categories on Job listings offer unique navigation for people to search thoroughly for Jobs.

Affiliate marketing option is also available for people who are seeking to create gradual incomes from their blog/website which is up to $15 for every paid subscription. Payment via PayPal.



SolidGigs streamlines your efforts by searching for freelance jobs through weekly freelance gigs (sent). SolidGigs subscription-based service prepares freelancers for a wide range of revenue openings without using too much effort striving to reach unique client every time in search of clients.

They have an affiliate program that offers a 35% commission for every new paid sign-ups generated through your affiliate links. Payment is offered via PayPal.



Contena has been around for a few years and has been a freelance job board and freelance training institute platform.

This platform helps and guides young, hungry, and new freelancers through the cycle of fitting for a freelance job and becoming successful as a contract worker.

The ability of Contena to offer job boards, online training, productive tools, and coaching/tutoring makes this platform a good option for freelance job boards.

Their affiliate program offers a high commission rate (up to $200) to their affiliate partners and is paid for each referral that purchases a Contena membership (depending on the product plans). Payment via PayPal.

Survey Junkie


Survey Junkie is an online platform, readily in the form of a community with more than 11 million users. Users generate revenue by simply taking part in free online surveys offered by brands, thereby turning to rewards and are paid our respectively.

Survey Junkie affiliate allows partners to earn commissions ($1.50 per sign up) by helping them drive and push traffic to their website. Literally, according to their affiliate description, 100 Survey Junkie points equals $1 in commission. Payment via PayPal.

Monetizing A Blog By Selling Ebooks

From the first section of this blog post, we explained why being productive is important for bloggers. However, not every blogger can write books and sell, and for those who can write, they don’t have the best strategies for selling ebooks.

While many bloggers have devised selling ebooks to monetize their blog, it is the most popular way bloggers choose to balance their income inequalities. It’s outstanding because it’s quite easy to develop or produce and is conveniently priced well enough that most visitors come to search for, thereby buying.

If you want to know whether your readers or visitors are interested in what you’re offering on your blog, ebooks really speak a lot to make everything feasible when your visitors are gladly paying for your works.

Simply because, Ebooks are a low-risk way for your visitors to know what value you have, what your aims are, and they can judge your blog based on the ebooks you sell prior to selling other valuable or inexpensive products and services.

While you’re also planning to sell ebooks on your website, you should also have outstanding strategies in place to help streamline the marketing of your books.

A lot of authors didn’t know their ebooks will really go a long way, rather they published, strived, and hoped for the best, just to make their ebooks succeed.

How & Where to Sell Your Ebook

There is no specificity in selling ebooks, or limited to a particular blogging niche. In fact, there are ebooks on writing, foods and recipes, blogging, health and fitness, technology, and anything you can offer or think of.

If you operate a blog that writes or has written about losing weight, or home recipes, you can sell an ebook that introduces and educate your audience in a more detailed way about how to lose weight at home, or how to prepare a good recipe.

Creating Ebook is easy even if you will have to reconstruct some of the topics, posts, courses, content you’ve already published or disclosed on your blog/website and then add more fragment, attribute, piece, and context.

How to Make Your Books (Trying Even More)

While you’re trying to write and every time laid down by writer’s block or can’t write at least, or you don’t have the time or any skill at all to write a book yourself. You can now hire a ghostwriter!

To find a ghostwriter, explore and search them on LinkedIn, Fiverr, Upwork, and Scripted.

It can be demanding highly enough hiring a ghostwriter when you are thinking about how you will pay, or how the ghostwriter will charge you.

If you’re a bit experienced and know quite enough about how it can be stressing trying to get your ebook designed, you can create a cover for your ebook with tools like Canva, Snappa, or even Photoshop. You can also hire a graphic designer or professional to get this done for you.

There are two ways to sell your ebooks;
  1. Selling your ebooks directly on your blog
  2. Or selling them trough other platforms like Podia.
  • Selling your ebook directly on your own blog/website is recommendable and can even be effective and worthwhile because the basic principle is that you don’t have to share any of the profits with anyone and you get 100% of the whole revenues.

While trying to get your feet wet, you might be wondering how to do this. However, you can handily build a reasonable sales or ebooks page on your blog/website and use the Easy Digital Downloads WordPress plugin to make it available for your visitors.

  • Secondly, if you decide or prefer publishing your ebook on the Amazon Kindle website, you will only be able to maintain a 70% profit, while they get 30% of the profit. Amazon Kindle is highly recommended because it adds more quality to your products by giving you more exposure, and this can eventually lead to more deals or sales.

Monetizing A Blog With Online Courses

Selling online courses is a great but practicable way to monetize your blog. This has really become easy for a lot of bloggers, and LMS websites.

But what gives most bloggers a lot of headaches or draw them back from creating, developing, and establishing their own course is that they think you have to become a professor or a Ph.D. holder, or a kind of specific Lecturer, or even become an expert before you can teach a course.

This is extorting your mind. It can be overwhelming but all it needs is to understand, realize, and know more than the people you’re about to teach or the people you intend to teach.

You must also be smart enough and lose all your terrors of the opposition, and be able to convey and disseminate, present, and relate the information in a way that people you know or don’t know will get value and significance from.

You don’t have to acquire a Professor in Blogging to develop and create a beautiful course that teaches people how to blog.

If you can create a good blog, blog nicely than anyone from or within your niche, or outside your niche, or even without focusing on a specific niche, and know more than a lot of people and create your course material and strategies in a way that can completely, and simply teach people how to blog, then you’re letting the terrors of the opposition consume you if you are not creating your course.

To sell your courses online

You don’t need to have thousands of visitors or a massive email list.
You don’t have to fret about breaking up your website to get your courses up for monetization.

How to Know What to establish as a course

You have to find a way to transform your passion into something that provides value for others. However, you will need to solve problems that need solving but not a problem that you find interesting to solve.

If you have solved a problem about bettering something in your life but your audience is trying to solve this problem for themselves, and every time, they ask you about it. Simply identify their problems and create a practical course that will solve their problems.

How To Find Ideas On What You Need To Create Courses About

  • Connect with forums and find problems people are longing to solve: One of the easiest ways to know what problems people are struggling with is to visit forums and get bulk of ideas to help stimulate your course production.
  • Visit your comments/Visit other blogs and find something from their comments: By paying attention to the comments you’re getting on your blog, or comments from other blogs, you can find ideas and conclude on what your audience needs.

Where To Host Your Courses

  1. By Hosting Courses on Your Blog: You have the choice to either host your courses on your blog or hosting on a third-party platform.

When hosting courses on your blog, you can use WordPress (by installing a plugin) and develop everything by yourself or by hiring a developer to do it for you.

By hosting your courses on your blog, you will get most of the profit.

WordPress Extension/Plugin To Host Your Courses
  1. By Hosting You Courses on a Third-Party Platform: You can also host your courses on third-party platforms but these platforms require additional subscription either monthly, or get some percentage of your sales as their hosting fee.
Examples of Third Party Platforms To Host Your Courses

Monetizing A Blog With Paid Membership Website

Writing content is not enough to make your website outstanding, and getting much traffic without value makes a website a playground, but making use of these opportunities stimulates your growth factor and helps you become a blogger that earns every blessed month.

Being a subscription model can make you popular and recognized in the market if you help and give value.

Making a membership site is a whole category of blogging, and every online business. If you want to teach others and make courses that visitors enroll, you will have to allow a partial registration on your website where members enroll, buy, and subscribe either monthly or regularly to receive your bounties and exclusive benefits.

The Benefits

A lot of people from every geographic area share a common interest, and others are longing to get something but they have to pay to get what they want which can include limited articles, coaching, webinar, advice, tools, reports, etc.

Making a membership website will allow you to reach more people, make contests, and also give your audience a sense of belonging and making them part of a community.

When you have something beneficial, and strives to reach out to people, there will be others with zeal to participate in what you’ve prepared it invented just because they want to stay connected.

You don’t have to fret over traffic when you’ve maintained a little or considerable amount to traffic to stand up a website. All you need to do is to strategize, have plans, and set your goals according to what you’ve hoped for.

Charge according to how you will feel if a paid membership site is brought to you.


And as long as the people you want to target are dedicated, and committed, to having money and energy, you can make a successful membership site.

How To Create a Membership Site

You don’t have to struggle hard enough until it becomes overwhelming when you have a few hundred members as a starter.

All you need is to do is to pinpoint what they need and what you are trying to offer because nobody pays for nothing! If they can’t find something valuable about your propagation, you may lose these few hundred members.

Instead of these few hundreds doing the job for you and inviting others, you might be killing the spirit if what they paid for isn’t valuable.

To make a membership site, you will have two options:
  1. Creating and managing it with WordPress plugins: You don’t have to pay but there may be a need for little investment for premium features.
  1. Managing your membership site on third-party platforms.
Examples of Plugins To Create and Manage memberships Sites on WordPress
Examples of Third-Party Platforms to Create and Manage Membership Sites

Surely, through sponsored posts do company get more customer and exposures.

Basically, when a blogger charge and write about a company’s product or services, along with the company opinions on his blog, the blogger allows his audience get a glimpse of the company’s product or services thereby becoming an influencer therein, and helping the company drive in more audience and customers.

If you plan to offer sponsored posts on your blog, be sure to give the possible and positive, sincere, credible, and honest feedback about it because one of the ways bloggers lose their integrity and reputation is writing without sincerity while intending to get a few bucks.

While your blog is already yielding productively and getting much traffic you can begin reaching out to companies, firms, and businesses, whether you found them helpful or found them to be in your niche and their products or services are practically advisable to purchase, you can behind writing reviews on them.


For example, if you blog about blogging or digital marketing, you can write sponsored reviews for companies that have marketing and blogging tools for bloggers and digital marketers, etc.

Sponsored posts may not be the best monetization strategy for new bloggers or beginners. Conversely, they are considered for more popular and established bloggers.

Though, this method of monetization might seem to be the least. However, it will require you to have more audience and drive in more traffic, together with considerable sessions on your blog before a company can ask you out for sponsored posts.

This means you must have a reliable, and powerful online presence before you can get companies to pay you anything hefty or sufficient and meet your expectations.

On the other hand, companies need to be sure that hiring and paying a blogger for a sponsored post will lead to exchanges and conversions, thereby leading to more sales.

Monetizing A Blog By Selling Physical or Digital Products

Selling products directly to the audience can be a great monetization strategy. However, many bloggers strictly focused on selling products on their blog thereafter covering it to an e-commerce website. But this doesn’t kill the blogging passion.

If you focus on writing practical articles and courses and have already built up an audience, selling products directly to your audience can be a stone in the teacup for you. You can make $1000 – up to millions selling products on your blog.

Types of Products To sell

  1. Physical Product

This type of product can be a solution to your audience’s problems. So, if you have an audience, immediately begin paying attention to their problems and be on the lookout, check, and analyze if you can sell something that’ll help solve their problems.

For example, selling clothes, mobile phones, fabrics, tools, thereby converting them to large scale business, expanding and diversifying.

  1. Digital Products

Solving your audience problems really makes you develop an eye over what you do. If you don’t have the idea of selling a physical product, you can always sell software and digital downloads, and even make your blog/website more fascinating with your digital products.

Knowing how to make a blog and create ebooks can’t go to waste if you want to start selling digital products to your audience.

While you’re not yet a programmer or developer, you can hire others to help you create digital products like software, themes, plugins, online tools and sell them to your audience.

Even if you blog approximately, or roughly about blogging, marketing, and promotion you can begin making them creative and inventing digital products like templates, themes, and solving problems your audience has from what you blog regarding.

Monetizing A Blog By Starting A Podcast

While you are struggling to make your voice heard by your audience, you can start a Podcast alongside your periodic and regular blog content.
Podcasting can be a great and smart way to get more traffic to your blog/website.

Podcasts help you compete with other competitors from your niche especially when you’ve recently started blogging and found some, if not most of the things you want to include on your blog in your competitor blogs. It’s really a great way to fix this balance.

By having a Podcast on your blog, with a considerable amount of audience, you can gladly become popular with your blog and get your name out there, making high income and reaching more audience.

If you’re having a large amount of traffic or audience, you can begin your podcast business by selling sponsorship slots to companies, businesses, and people trying to reach their prospects and subjects from within your audience.

How To Start Podcasting and Host Your Files

Hosting your audio files and starting your podcast business can become successful if you choose a void platform.

Basically, any considerable host company will allow you to store your audio files on their server or space and make them available for download, and even access they can be streamed and download by listeners.

Using WordPress Plugins To Do Podcasts
Podcasts hosting platforms

Monetizing A Blog By Accepting Donations

Donation isn’t just a spontaneous gift or contribution for a specific cause. It really helps to build a clean website that displays values to visitors, helps to turn a project into reality.

You can similarly monetize your blog by preparing and making it possible for your audience to make contributions and donations.

Not all blogs can make money with donations because it will take a bit of time to start getting considerable and extensive income from donations.

If you need to accept donations on your blog, you will want to have a genuine and dedicated audience to make donations work for your blog.

While some blogs need to make a pledge(for some reason) to be able to accept donations, some other blogs need to offer valuable content for free at first before turning to a donation blog/website.

Since most ad networks and affiliate programs are not designed to adopt nonprofit websites, this method works better and particularly helps nonprofit websites.

How To Make Donations Possible and Practical for a Website

By using WordPress donation plugins that are designed specifically for accepting a donation or by accepting donation on Patreon.

WordPress Donation Plugins

If you choose to do the work from your comfort zone, operate everything within your control and capacity, and use WordPress plugins, you’ll pay little fees and will have to handle the most transaction errors and develop a good strategy to manage and regulate contributors or donors on your own.

Basically, if you want to get started immediately. Get the work done by using any plugins from below or any WordPress plugins of your choice.


If you choose to accept donations on Patreon, it can be demanding and expensive use as a starter because they will have a 5% fee of your revenue, while you will be having the rest and also pay another 5% for transaction fees.

By using Patreon, you will have a promising platform that’ll handle all the chargebacks and declined payments. Moreover, you will find it easy to accept donations and manage your donors while you work slightly effortlessly.

Patreon has also developed a WordPress plugin to assist bloggers, website owners, and their users to make money from their comfort zone (from their content).


Today, starting a blog has become easier than before, but the majority of bloggers are having trouble monetizing it.

If you’re blogging for the love of it, you will see the results, but if you’re just blogging to show-off, the results will surface on your blog, and if you’re trying to make money from a blog, you should understand that blogging alone doesn’t make you rich or generate revenue unless you can conjure the courage to apply the best strategy that aligns with your goals and dream.

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