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16 Practical Tips to Improve Your Blog and Writing

Blogging makes bloggers, writers communicate more clearly, express themselves more effectively, help, and add value to other people’s lives with just their written words, spoken words, personality, and actions.

Improving your writing skills should be more crucial when you have the ultimate goal to succeed in blogging or writing. A blog that doesn’t communicate more efficiently is considered “dead” to a lot of people. They don’t see such a blog as a professional blog.

Give these 16 practical tips a shot and look at how you will succeed with your blog. And if you’re concerned about making money with your blog, these tips are the best shot to improve your blog for monetization.

  1. Be Passionate.

This journey requires you to ask yourself what you are passionate about. Passion drives confidence, and the willingness to write something you love motivates you to continue writing with the flow. Do you have a passion for Traveling? Reading? Driving? Or being a parent? Passion can be found anytime in life, it doesn’t have to be a day potential. If you have found your passion, regardless of who you’re or where you are from or whatever your passion is, write about that. When you haven’t yet found your passion, it becomes easy to get discouraged on the way, regretting why you started blogging. To prevent this, find your passion.

Sometimes, ideas just struck and you have to pen something down just to have what you desire. Hopefully, don’t start a blog about something unless you have a distinctive and outstanding perspective.


  1. Simplicity & Defining Your Ideal Audience.

Bloggers quite make this kind of mistake when they have just started blogging. Some complain that they are not getting enough page views or visitors. But they forget the average span of simplicity depends on the type of audience your blog is purposely directed to. You need to know who will be reading your blog. Which kind of people, really! Maybe geographic location, area, and the rate of genuine. For example, if you blog about motivation and inspiration. Thus, your ideal audience is people who have special needs for motivation. Generally, everyone needs that.

If you are writing about children’s struggles and difficulties: your ideal audience is presumably parents or mothers. If you are writing about programming and technology, sharing your posts with students, and programmers really make it easy to attract your ideal audience, and also improve your blog.

  1. Help, Solve Problems & Add Value.

Blogging clearly should be about helping, guiding, solving, and adding value. You may want to help people have a clean shot of their lives, guide, and solve their problems. This is one of the only ways you can believe your simplicity will make you succeed as you blog. You get a quite much number of readers and can even turn them to returning users. Thereby making them come to read again, and again!


  1. Be Outstanding and Remarkable:

What really makes successful blogs excellent? They add value and are authentic. Making your blog stand out among other blogs will do the same. Your creativity, originality, perspective, ingenuity. Will make it more desirable to visit.

  1. Be Exquisite and Creative:

Writing cleverly makes your blog have a standpoint. But writing interestingly enough will make you proofread and love what you write. The moment you become delighted when reading what you write is the moment your readers become pleased and satisfied. Primarily, if you want your readers to share your blog with others, with the world, be exquisite creative and interesting.

There are people waiting to hear your voice. Tell your story and be more fascinating. Cut out verbosity and circumlocution. Don’t be redundant and tell your story in the most outstanding way. If the bulk of the lots of the story you ate sharing is tedious and dreary, cut them out and leave the ones you become motivated with.


  1. Be Authentic:

Don’t write just for your whims and desires if you want others to read. This will make an impact on your writing skills. If you are not getting the results you want from your readers, with your blog, try to check your writing skills out, check what’s missing on your blog, re-strategize and be authentic!


  1. Self Discipline:

The ultimate act of self-discipline is unique to every person. Including bloggers. When you’ve learned how to start a blog, you will learn what blogging requires, what it takes to transform your blog to the next level— to be successful. Blogging takes a lot of time, especially if you take it seriously. Don’t overdesign or overdo it thereby overwhelming yourself as a result. What it takes to have a successful blog is discipline. Spend time productively— do what you started the blog for. Writing!

  1. Perception.

Check your blog, is it as what you thought you would have prior to starting? Have you been checking other blogs and seeing great layout and designs? You wished to have the same thrilling layout and design but your blog looks so inaccurate. This is because you didn’t have any perceptions before you started your blog design. Before you start something, strive to have a clear picture/ perception of it. If you don’t have a specific vision of what your writing will lead to, it becomes hard to make it a reality.

  1. Find Your Voice.

Finding your own unique voice in your writing is a process. Finding your voice is fundamental! But not something black and white. It’s part of the “art” of writing.

Your voice is your identity, glowing through in your writing. It’s also part of your branding and helps to set the tone and mood for your writing as a whole. Finding your voice is a unique journey for each of us.

While writing with sincerity, writers uncover their voice and their writing begins to trend a high level of originality. It gives them a sense of style, one that is comfortable for their readers.


  1. Convey Your Message To The World.

When your readers start saying, “Your writing is very good!” You definitely have a good style, and “brilliant” isn’t a bad way to describe it. Sometimes, it may be just a person saying that. However, try to make your writing as best as it displays professionalism. Don’t make it look like a style everyone won’t vibes with (For example, using so many adjectives in a row). As long as you aren’t writing for “an individual.” You’re writing for “everyone”.
Proclamations of “we” and “our” are more significant and dominant than you and your, particularly when speaking about hostile behaviors or inclinations.

  1. Social Media.

Thousands of notifications, advertising messages inundate us every single day. As a result, we live hurried, frantic lives full of interruption. Social Media is a great option to help foster your connection with the world, your audience, other bloggers, and writers. But when you start losing focus on your priorities —writing, social media has really taken the best lot of your life. This is negative! Make writing your priority and set yourself high above social media taking your creativity and hijacking your productivity.


  1. Deal With Criticism and Negative Feedback.

When your conscience is clear, you shouldn’t fear any criticism. In fact, move on. You didn’t start your blog or writing because of these ignorant people sending in negative feedback and foolish questions. Sometimes, I call them crawlers. The best they can do is drift in, crawl on your site, and drift away. But don’t pay them any mind if you don’t perceive soft touch or goodness in them. Overlook their messages, delete their comments, and keep on building momentum.

  1. Explore and Learn To Apply.

The reason why successful bloggers made it is not obvious. They are coachable and teachable. Successful bloggers and writers are good listeners and presenters. They research quite much interestingly and find themselves with thousands of ideas.


  1. Don’t Make It Hard.

Don’t worry so much about using “heavy” or new words when writing. Some very effective writers use very simple, everyday language. It is good to use a varied vocabulary, but more so you’re not repeating yourself and can effectively communicate your thoughts and ideas. Not just for the sake of using big words. It’s good to communicate what is clear and stay aloft of what seems ambiguous for one.

Some writers, bloggers overdo vocabulary to the point of being exhausting to read and they often come off as a bit pompous. Likewise, make it simple for readers to stride through your blog. There’s no need to place superfluous advertisements or too many pictures all over your site. Hold on to the basics and eliminate anything you don’t need. Nothing that doesn’t add values should be removed.

Optional But Important

  1. Picture.

A large number of people like seeing the face of the real person— the person behind the screen.

  1. Transparency.

Sincerity is important. Sharing every single thing that happens in your life doesn’t amaze your visitors. All just for being honest? As far as something adds value to you, include but don’t get overwhelmed with your story. Your visitors don’t need to see you with a picture illustrating your presence in the toilet, all because of transparency.


You’re starting a blog about your life or you have already started. You are on a journey “on writing” and fixing some aspects of your life. Relatively, you need to live to exist and prevail. Where writing and blogging are important, your health, relationships, experiences, personal growth are of greater importance. You have greatness in you. Dwell and live your life because it’s worth writing about!

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