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How To Increase Your Blog Traffic (70+ Ways and Tactics)

Traffic is fundamental to blogging success. You may have an amazing blog or website setup, crafted fantastic content, or have great graphics for your blog, but not getting any traffic. Your news to know how to get traffic to your website or blog to get the best out of blogging.

Driving traffic to a blog is a topic of daily discussion. Many bloggers find it easy to increase their blog traffic and others find it hard to increase their website traffic. Blogging, writing, and creating content alone do not guaranty that a website will receive traffic but strategy, perseverance, and conviction help blogs attain a huge amount of traffic either daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly depending on which strategy is used.

Traffic is a great thing blog needs to increase visitors, readership, sales, and also increase authority among others. If a website lacks traffic, there’s a tendency of turning in the page.

In this article, you will learn more than 70 practical ways to increase your website traffic.

Creative ways to increase website traffic

1. Crafting good content that attracts readers and target audience:

Understanding your audience should one of your objectives of blogging. If you don’t define your audience, you may find it difficult to have writing ideas that make targeting the audience easy. If you write good content on your blog, it will convince visitors to come back often, to your blog while your contents are:

  • Solving their problems
  • Responding to their questions
  • Helpful and practical

2. Having good headlines/titles

Headlines determine whether visitors will click a website to read it’s content. If it’s missing adequate or proper configuration, it won’t attract visitors to click on the title/headline.

Headlines should include focus keywords and key phrases found in the content itself to make the headline optimized for proper SEO. It should also include value and benefits. While making sure the headline has in-depth value and emotion, it quickly grabs visitor’s attention.

People often use catchy, and emotional headlines to quickly grab visitor’s attention when it’s assumed that distraction inundates us every day and the headline has about 20-30 seconds to be read before the visitors drive away.

3. Make your content readable. Readability and structuring at its peak

Organizing your content in a meaningful way is crucial to blogging success. When your content is hitting your user experience, it becomes easy to lose traffic. The majority of your website visitors love to have a distraction-free space while reading your blog and navigating your website.

Among the structuring tips for an organized content is having several content breaks into subheadings, bullet points, numbering, italicizing, bolding, and every other formatting at a meaningful rate.

4. Make your content evergreen or seasonal

Deciding to write evergreen or seasonal content help your blog focus on giving value, creating a balance between short or non-informational content, and long or informative content.

Research shows that most readers love to read content that provides value, reliable, and informative. They prefer staying on websites with informative and evergreen content to staying on a website that only needs their attention.

Evergreen content also works like tutorials and a large amount of internet users loves to read tutorials literally about things that teach them how to do “it”, “this”, and “that”.

Writing evergreen content help you cover a wide range of your reader’s questions, improve and optimize your website content for SEO, drive traffic by content recommendation and also gain trust and recognition for the value you give.

Seasonal content also sometimes are detailed and informational. They provide value for readers and help the search engine recognize them as “valuable” (SEO positive result).

5. Blogging and posting schedules

Setting blogging goals is one of the important aspects of blogging. When there are goals to be achieved your readers will love to visit your blog often. What do I mean? It’s having blogging and post schedules. For example, posting every day and updating your blog every day makes readers expect to see your blog updated daily. This will maintain your blogging streak and develop a positive-reading impact on your readers. This is important and makes your drive traffic to the blog on a daily basis and never feel the fear of losing traffic.

If you’re an individual posting on your blog, it may become strenuous posting daily on your blog, so there’s a need for a content scheduling calendar to help streamline your workflow. While other blogs focus on producing content on a daily basis, you can start writing for your blog weekly then creating a realistic content scheduling plan to update your blog every day without losing traffic. You can try spreadsheets to achieve a content calendar.

6. Always optimize your post for SEO

SEO is an important aspect of website traffic. When constructing relevant and helpful content, be sure to optimize your blog by practicing both on-page and off-page SEO among which are layout, user experience, page speed, and other possible factors because if one factor is lacking on your blog or website, getting traffic from search engine becomes strenuous. 

To understand the basic part of SEO, you may begin installing free SEO plugins to get started and understanding the guidelines associated with SEO. Yoast SEO plugin, All in One SEO plugin, or Rank Math SEO plugin is a good example of plugins you can incorporate.

The elements of an optimized post include the following, if not all of it:

  • Keywords injected in the title,
  • Keywords in the meta description,
  • Keywords in heading and subheadings
  • Keywords in URL (which makes it SEO-friendly)
  • Proper anatomy and layout of the post, responsive blog layout.
  • Inbound and outbound links
  • Keywords in every paragraph and persistent keywords in the first 200 words
  • Fully optimized website image and other media content.
  • Optimized website and page loading speed.

7. Always Conduct Keyword Research

Perform keywords research before you begin writing your post because any simple keyword you drop in any Keyword research tool will give a complete analysis of how search engines understand it and how much traffic and competitions it has received, is receiving and the percentage of keyword intent this topic favors go inline with.

Keyword research tools like SEMrush, Ahref SEO tool, Google Keyword Planner works for this knowledge and analysis. These tools and others will give you a deeper understanding of your topic and even suggest the best ideas you must be focused on when while writing.

The secret behind this is to:

  • Conduct keyword research for the specific topic you are interested in writing about.
  • Conduct keyword research and understand keywords that can fit your writing process.

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8. Include Graphics, and Media Content on your posts (videos, images, presentations, embeds, infographics, charts and tables, etc.)

Among the most important elements of a blog are graphics, and media content. They help users stay focused while glancing at the real and direct information, they help break posts into paragraphs and allow a blog to have a beautifully set up blog (user-interface). They’re a great source of traffic to a website and also allow readers to understand the information being passed.

Another tip for driving traffic to your website is having infographics that explain in detail what the whole blog is all about or summarizes it.

Infographics are a great way to drive traffic to your website while allowing readers to link your infographic to you (mostly done by using HTML codes)

9. Beautiful Website Design

Among the mistake some bloggers make is the simple decision of designing their blogs with any theme. A theme that gives their blog negative impressions. That’s the reason it’s a good practice to choose themes that allow you to have full control over its customization and design. Themes that allow readers to develop an interest in reading your blog.

10. Don’t make your website hard but responsive

Every theme deserves to be responsive before you invest in it. Because the majority of the readers reading your blog are using mobile, the website must be optimized and made responsive to cast out the best result from your readers.

If you have spent so much time designing your website, don’t forget responsiveness and user-friendly layout and styles. They must be made available for your website to attract more readers. If it’s lacking, then there’s a tendency of losing tremendous traffic.

11. Add Caption, ALT texts, and other descriptions correctly

Maintaining a good layout is important as giving captions and descriptions to images is important for SEO. Don’t upload an image directly in your admin library without naming it correctly, with captions and description that goes in-line with what is in the image. If numbers, symbols, and signs are used on images, it’s a negative SEO practice and also gives a bad user experience.

Google and other search engines crawl websites and find images corresponding to keywords searched in the search engines and display them to their users. Also, don’t forget to include texts that correspond to your keyword research, title, and meta description in some images. This will help users think and understand how the images, videos, and other graphic content works with the content of the blog post.

12. Making Inbound Links Between Your Posts

Internal links always influence user experience positively. It guides the reader to other relevant posts and pages on your blog if correctly structured.

If you’ve been thinking of a way to make readers stay on your blog for a long time while enjoying your content, then Inbound Links is one of the best ways to increase website traffic while allowing readers to check on other relevant posts you’ve linked to.

13. Add social share buttons to your content

This is one of the best and easiest ways to get traffic to your website. If you’re able to make good use of social buttons, you’ll be able to get exposure for your blog and also drive traffic from different social media sources. It allows your readers to share your content with others which automatically adds authenticity, uniqueness, and value to your blog when others are getting to know your blog.

To add social media buttons constructively, you can add social media share buttons (like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc) to the top & bottom of every post, or between every post, sidebars, as a floating object, etc. In these ways, you have successfully improved your site for traffic.

14. You should have a link to your website on various online platforms and social media.

Don’t just use online platforms to network with others, you have a rare opportunity that if not seized and utilized in the right way, these online platforms may be detrimental to you than beneficial.

Include a link to your website on your public profiles, places where you interact with others, the community where you connect with people, and forums where you create value.

You can begin by including a link to your website (blog post page, or about page, etc) in the bio of the public profiles, and social media profiles like places where you often use (i.e Facebook, Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn, Stack Exchange, etc). By doing this, anyone that interacts with you or comes across your profile will get to know you beyond that edge of restricted access and begin visiting your website to know more about you.

15. Help others by answering questions in Public Communities and Forums

Every now and then, people are curious and inquisitive about asking questions and getting answers from public communities. If you answer questions on a public forum, there is a 65% probability of getting others to your website because it’s a win-win situation where you are probably referring to your website in the response to their questions.

The only way you can benefit from this technique is not to be spammy and desperate of getting your links out there. If you’re spamming the community with your links, members will perceive your negative effects and begin disregarding your responses thereby losing reputation and integrity. So, you play it safe by providing value for your audience while helping them with either questions or answers.

A lot of popular topics includes:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Writing
  • Book reviews
  • Blogging
  • Web development
  • Politics, etc.

16. Become inquisitive and maintain your following streak

Some people don’t love reading articles and materials, instead, they love to be entertained with other things by far different from what you share with your followers. These people for example would love to see jokes, stories, funny pictures, memes, etc.

You can share these materials to spark some new emotions with followers on social media and public places where they don’t ordinarily vibe with things related to business. This way you can also include a link to your blog or posts to direct them towards the end of the read.

17. Encourage your readers to comment and engage them into commenting.

Whenever you can, try to engage your readers. A simple call to action can be enough to make your reader leave a comment. Ask them a question at the end of your article. Ask for an opinion. Start a discussion. Any of this can bring more people into your post which will become more enjoyable to everyone else.

18. Interact and comment on other blogs either from your niche or not from your niche.

Commenting on other relevant blogs is a great way to build relationships with top bloggers within your niche. Research the web to find top blogs in your niche and start commenting on their newest posts. It will help you make them and their readers aware of your existence as well as a way of developing your authority within the niche.

19. Utilize the power of sharing

A way to drive traffic is to offer value to people, including friends and family. When you create valuable content on your blog, you can begin inviting your friends and families to share with others and also on their profiles which will be giving you more recognition.

This should also be among your first priorities. Getting your friends and family to share and engage with your posts is the first thing to do after starting your blog. If you fail to do this, it means you already have some strategies and techniques for getting traffic on your website.

This is practical and if you’re to test it with one of your posts, you can begin asking people (i.e 30) to share your post on social media. Once this is done, you’ll automatically see your website traffic increasing.

20. Build an email list and get subscribers on your blog

Among the traffic, a workaround is building email and getting subscribers to your blog. It’s one of the top guys in traffic management. It allows your readers to stay glued to your blog, probably turn them into friends, and even turn them into customers and getting more sales if you have a store of products, etc.

You should not cease from starting and building an email list after launching your blog. Getting substantial traffic to your website is hard for most bloggers but when you have all the best strategies utilized positively, you won’t be among those struggling for traffic.

There are many ways to build a list and get subscribers for your blog. You can begin creating opt-in forms, call-to-actions and even offering freebies to your readers.

Email marketing tools and services like MailChimp, Mailerlite, ConvertKit, MailPoet, Mailster, and other tools allow you to build thousands of subscribers and also send thousands of emails for free. While some offer little attempts to getting subscribers, they may have paid plans to upgrade the number of subscribers you’re getting without any restrictions.

21. Connect with other bloggers and leverage the blogging community to share your content.

Building strong relationships and connections with bloggers from your niche and other niches also help you get traffic on your website. This helps them collaborate with you and in this way make them share your content if you create high-quality content for the readers to digest.

There are also some ways you can request, and ask for links to be referenced with your content and their content as well. This will add more value to your website and even increase your search engine rankings.

22. The Power of Guest Blogging/Posting.

Experience and contribution are some of the ways success appears as your friend. If you seize from making contributions and giving value, it can be hard-driving your blog towards success.

Not only doesn’t consistency and commitment are important, but blogging also needs time, dedication, and good strategies. Guest blogging is important if you’re trying to drive traffic to your blog and also get more exposure. If you’re the type of doing things alone without strategies, be ready to get overwhelmed.

Since guest blogging isn’t a waste of time and effort, successful bloggers do it to make their blogs stand out from every angle.

The only effort in guest blogging is creating valuable content on other blogs from your niche or other niches in the blogging community. The host always does the work for you by building a close connection between the readers of his blog and your blog by including links to your blog with other information needed to captivate a reader to visit the blog of the author of the guest post (you). This is a high driving force to getting traffic on your blog especially when you create reader-friendly content and also good impressions that last and allow readers of the host blogger to connect with you often, on your blog because guest blogging is a win-win task for people who do it.

23.Allow others to guest post on your blog

The basic principle is that your blog begins getting more recognition and exposure as long as guest bloggers write on your blog.

Every time a guest blogger writes on your blog, they will also find scalable ways to promote their guest posts to get more exposure themselves.

No one just guest blog on your website/blog because it’s just on the internet. They are motivated to guest post because your blog has the potential of making a good impact on their blog. If your blog isn’t up for this or you are relinquished of strategies, you may not find guest bloggers to guest blog on your blog. Your target is to get more traffic, exposure, and recognition so does the guest blogger’s target goals.

24. Share Your Content on Facebook

At this point, you’ll be making Facebook one of your strategies. So, if you aren’t on Facebook, you don’t have the opportunity to share your links.

Sharing your links also shouldn’t be your priority. It should be what you work on.

Start by creating a Facebook page, complete the necessary page information, add your website links, and begin publishing your posts on your beautiful Facebook page. You can also decide to invite others to like and follow up your Facebook page for future updates.

If you utilize the Facebook page productively, you’ll be getting a huge traffic change on your blog.

25. Join Facebook groups and Take Part in Promotion Threads.

Since Facebook also allows you to join diverse groups in the online community, you can begin searching for public and private “Blogging Groups” and connecting with other bloggers in the group.

Effective and active Facebook group members to join open threads, participate in discussions, and create various topics.

But, the principle is to give more than you take or give and you can take as well. If your aim is to get promoted only, you may be penalized by the committee managing the affairs of the group.

If you are striving to join an active private group, a Facebook group that will help you streamline your efforts will be the possible best idea.

Join The Blogging Community

26. Share Your Content on Twitter

Everyone always says “Twitter is for bloggers” if you want to be recognized as a blogger, you also need to be on Twitter. Although, this is an assumption it’s one of the best places to get yourself promoted.

Twitter doesn’t need too many words to be shared with its community. What you have to do is craft a compelling introduction about your post or message that will completely drive some emotions and tweet it on your timeline. Everyone that comes across it will tweet, retweet, and comment on your post. To get the best outcome from Twitter, you must be active and also help others, add a link to your website to be a guide for anyone who checks your profile.

You can also start working towards getting new followers, who are deemed to read from your timeline and feed. If you can follow them to keep up the pace, then it’s also positive feedback. Don’t do that alone, collaborate with your followers, tweet their messages, like their tweets, and you will be a magnet that attracts more audience.

27. Be on the positive side of Twitter

What I mean by this is taking some moment to tag, mention people, and businesses in your Tweet rollouts.

When you do that, chances are that the person, business you tag, or mention will appreciate and acknowledge your regard and probably reflect on your tweet by liking, responding, and tweeting it on their profile which will make you get enough audience to check your profile and indeed conjure the courage o check your blog.

28. Make your content appear on Reddit

To make this possible, you must join Reddit, and be among the large community members. It’s a community where you can share opinions, questions, answers, links, news, etc.

Success comes with a price and every struggle is maintained with perseverance leads to endless possibilities. Every platform come with their pros and cons and their cons are sensitivity — meaning that they are sensitive to monitoring their affairs of their users and wouldn’t want things to turn out bad for their users. So, you don’t need to have the only aim of the promotion before you can promote yourself.

To get the best out of Reddit, be sure to participate in discussions, opinions, take part in commenting on other peoples’ posts, links, and messages, etc. Also find pleasure in helping others by sharing their works, visiting and clicking their links, etc.

When spamming is your aim, Reddit and its moderators reserve the right to ban you from the community.

Subreddit is another way to spend more of your time giving value to others, when you breach one of their rules by spamming, it becomes hard to get into the network once again.

29. Promote Your Content With Reddit Advertisement

You can be getting a handful of visitors on your blog by shooting Reddit ads. When you divide to do that, don’t forget to include a compelling image that will stimulate visitors to click and land on your blog.

30. Promote Your Blog on Instagram

Instagram is a high-converting social media for businesses and everyone that intend to use it.

A simple excerpt of your post can help you drive visitors to your website. After all, it’s a good community to share videos and images of high quality.

The great advice is to create compelling images to post along with an excerpt of your post like headlines that captures visitor’s attention.

The only requirement to get your Link on Instagram is to edit your profile and add the link to the page you want visitors to check. Instagram doesn’t allow links on posts but you can direct visitors to your profile by including an informative guide to the link on your profile.

31. Pin on Pinterest (Pinterest made easy)

Creativity works well with your efforts and this is how Pinterest works. If you’re able to utilize your creative ability to create high-quality, and informative graphics with detailed or short instructions, you’re better off a promising Pinterest user. This is what Pinterest needs. Create compelling, high-quality, and converting graphical representation of your posts, and share in the form of “pinning” which will add it to boards (ie. Groups where followers can link to) and gladly find your posts.

Pinterest is a highly converting social network that if used correctly, you’ll see the results and if used negatively, you will get negative responses for your actions and strategies.

32. Share Your Blog on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional website that allows you to showcase your personality, portfolio, and uniqueness.

It’s a place where businesses show their brand and become established in specific areas of work. It also allows people to share their thoughts, ideas, resources, and article with a large community of professionals. It allows you to go find groups to join and discuss diverse topics related to business, life, science, etc.

LinkedIn they say is a place to catch your audience and grab their attention at once while being transparent. You could be getting visitors from this network by sharing your links with others in a productive way, including your link in your bio and showcasing it in your profile information.

33. Join Networks like Mix, ViralContentBee, Blogarama, BlogLovin, etc.


Mix is a network that allows you to create content and add them to your interest while connecting with others. You can create the content of choice and begin adding them to categories that will include your blog links and getting other users from the category to view your content and clock to visit your blog.

This way, you can be getting free traffic from Mix and using them to power your blogging success which is not ordinarily coming without efforts.


ViralContentBee is more of a forum or another online platform that allows people to choose and view the content of their choice based on point accumulation and usage.

It works by allowing you to accumulate points by sharing articles posted by others. These points can then be used to share your crafted articles and get more organic shares personally coming from people on ViralContentBee.

If you continue sharing and accumulating more points, you can share as much of your posts on the platform and get approved by the admin so your content is discovered by other users who will be accustomed to sharing your content.


Placing your links on a wide range of featured feed is another way to drive free traffic to your blog.

When you register for free on Blogarama, you have the choice of posting your links on their feeds and getting to know other people with their links and making millions of visitors click on your links when they find them interesting.

34. Create Visual Blog Content and Share on YouTube

YouTube is a large community of people who are streaming free videos online. If you’re able to visualize your goals to create visual content for your blog, then you’re at a better time with a high advantage.

For every blog content you create, there is a tendency of having a visual form of it. When you create blog posts like tutorials, how-tos, step guides on things, you’re likely to have a visual display of it.

So, create videos of your blog content and share them on YouTube, and also add your link in every video description where viewers will click to visit your blog.

Every video you share tends to generate traffic, with subscribers who will fall in love with your content if you’re able to create videos that solve their problems. 

35. Create an account on Alltop and Include Your Link in the profile.

This is a platform that gathers information about various topics from different niches and displays it on their website in form of news.

They’re also based on requirements. When you meet their requirements, there are possibilities of having your posts or links featured in their feeds which can generate a high proportion of visitors which will automatically add to your traffic record.

36. Use Tweepi for Twitter

Tweepi for Twitter is a Twitter marketing service that allows you to regulate, organize, and manage your Twitter profile. Their service also allows you to get more Twitter followers, unfollow and follow users, get discovered by other Twitter users, and be followed by people interested in your profile and things you share based on their algorithms.

These people get a glimpse of your account and hopefully get go see your tweets and click them to view your content and begin engaging with them.

37. Automate Your Post With Buffer (Automatic Post Sharing and Scheduling)

Buffer is the top social media tool that allows you to schedule posts, curate content, and maintain an active streak across popular social networks. You can use it to automate posts for Facebook, Twitter Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

This will allow you to maintain an active streak with your followers so that they will keep visiting your blog without missing your content.

38. Allow People Get To Your Blog

This is also a way to capture more visitors by unlocking your blog portal for people. When you attend conferences, occasions, meetings, etc, be sure to capture your audience’s attention by referencing your blog with your speeches. Even when asked to give lectures, lessons, introductions, and wins, don’t forget to inform others about the founder of your blog (which is definitely “you”). This way, you will allow your blog to get more attention.

39. Become a Speaker, Network With People, and Organize Conference and Events.

Create relationships with people with conferences, webinars, events, and network with them to get more exposure. Give value and organize summits in the name of your brand (or blog) to get people always referring and referencing your blog.

40. Track your progress and measure your growth.

Always be on the lookout and stay updated about your traffic and growth progress. If you’re able to get clear-cut stats, and analytics about your visitors and your blog growth, you’ll be proficient enough to focus on getting your visitors from high converting sources.

41. Collaborate, unite, and work together with other bloggers

Collaborating with other bloggers is always one of the best alternatives to getting traffic to your blog.

The best way is to establish a connection with them, thereby networking and seeing yourself collaborating with the right people. Let them know you’re up for blogging and also trying to connect with them constructively as every blogger needs serious ans like-minded people. If you’re lazy to collaborate with bloggers, you may not see any result of collaboration.

If you’re able to find well-established bloggers or more influential bloggers, you’re at a higher risk of getting followers and visitors.

Guest blogging is one of the ways to collaborate, so as working on several developments which includes developing themes, plugins, courses, eBooks, and other reasonable benefits.

42. Join Discussion Forums

Forums are essential when communicating and conversing with others. It helps you stay connected to a large number of people on the internet. It’s a great way to discuss with others topic of interest, suggestion while still including some of your links properly.

A lot of forums are of higher domain authorities (high DA) and can make your website even rank well on search engines and increase your reach.

43. Join Your Preferred & Recommended Community (Blogging Community)

Joining communities is one of the easiest ways to connect with others, get to collaborate, and/or share some resources, get support, feedback, etc. It’s an unparalleled opportunity for you to join communities like “The Blogging Community” where there’s so much to learn, so much to acquire, and so much to conquer.

Among the faithful communities where bloggers from any niche can get support, and engagement, while still promoting your blog (i.e, cross-promotion, self-promotion, and joining promotional threads offered by these groups) are:

44. Add a Page of yourself/ blog on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a great resource website. It has been one of the most visited websites in the World providing quality resources. If your blog gives value and focuses on a wide or specific area, you can add a page on Wikipedia.

45. Publish or add articles to Wikipedia article

Wikipedia is a big space for resources. If you can recommend your blog’s content as a Wikipedia article or add then to their resources, you can add and publish valuable resources on benefits and also cite your blog in articles you publish therein.

Remember, Wikipedia isn’t a space to spam. You can’t just add anything to the website unless it’s valuable and resourceful.

46. Maintain a Consistent Posting Schedule

Posting on a blog is important and posting daily is an adequate schedule for your blog if it’s focused mainly on news, magazine and you are in a fast-paced niche, so posting weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, isn’t a good pace for you.

Maintaining a constant or consistent posting schedule is also good if you have an engaged audience who are interested in reading your blog. You should post regularly to encourage your readers to visit your blog daily. Having fresh new content on a daily basis will encourage them to visit your site as part of their daily routine.

47. Inform and Enlighten others about your blog

This is another form of positive strategy that allows your blog to get more exposure and be knowledgeable in your niche. There’s no doubt that there are hundreds to thousands of websites publishing news related to your blog in your niche. What you have to do is reach out to them, tell them about your blog and the things you offer, and published it on your blog. Hopefully, there will be bloggers who will mention your blog, link out to your blog especially when your content captures their attention.

48. Register and Include your blog on Google News

Google is a large space to get most eyes on your blog. It isn’t easy getting your blog to show in Google Search, neither is it easy to get your blog to show on Google News, but if you’re able to do that, congratulations because you’ve reached a milestone.

Google News is not a free space but the token is to follow their rules and guidelines.  When you get to show your blog on Google News, then you have achieved a tool that makes it possible to get thousands of traffic to your website.

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49. Do a giveaway

If you have a product/service that you may offer to your visitor for free? A resource that could be applicable or beneficial on their blog, or life, free access to paid products and services on your blog or elsewhere, etc, you will be able to captivate and compel your visitors to check your blog often and invite others to your blog because of this generosity.

As people love to get free items, pieces of stuff, you may decide to give out your paid courses, printables, templates, your branded items like t-short with your logo printed on them, books with your brand name on them, a cup with your logo, or gadgets like earpods, free iPhones, etc. All these depend on your budget, plans, ideas, and strategies that won’t make you regret your actions, and prevent you from achieving your goals.

50. Write and make reviews

Writing honest reviews about things is one of the ways people get guides online. A lot of people are searching the internet to know something about “a thing”. If you are a good observer or researcher that writes honest reviews about products, and tools on the internet, owners of these products, tools, etc will find ways to promote the review you write about them which will automatically drive traffic to your blog.

51. Attract People to your website/blog by creating a forum

Creating a forum is one of the easiest ways to get traffic to your site. If you do this strategically, you’ll be known for the traffic you get on your site.

52. Create courses on reputable platforms

An online course platform is a good place where people explore and hone their skills. Online course platforms allow you to create courses that can then be shared and promoted to get students and trainees, get exposure on different platforms.

You have to be on the lookout here. Make sure you know more of the things you’re teaching more than the thoughts. When you create a course that can teach people something, they will be more than happy to promote and share it and drive unimaginable traffic to you.

Getting Traffic Through Marketing and Online Tools

53. Create an app or other online tools

Creativity is highly recognized everywhere. When you’re creative and discover new but valuable products, apps, and online tools, people are really happy to check it out. Especially if it’s an app or online tool that helps them with something and often related to your website. This way, people will be happy to visit your website because you’ve created an engaged audience with the app or online tool.

54. Create Plugins, Themes or a browser extension

Creating plugins, themes, extensions make their users refer back to their root. When you create extensions that are simple and beneficial for people to use, you’ll be driving more sales and at the same time, more exposure, audience, and traffic from different sources.

55. Use Facebook ads

Anyone can choose to use Facebook ads for their products or services. It’s a simple yet adaptive way to get traffic to your blog, convert visitors to customers and get more sales, get more page, post likes, reactions, and comments. For some people, it takes time to get to know their audience and use the platform productively.

Facebook will help bring visitors to your blog without much effort but ideas and strategies geared towards success.

56. Use Google AdWords

Although Google AdWords isn’t a good shot for some, many people find it interesting to drive paid traffic to their websites through keywords targeted towards search intents and other algorithms. It allows you to get to your target audience with a very easy strategy but get quite expensive when the value and quality of keywords increases.

57. Use Twitter ads

Twitter is another yet interesting platforms to get your visitors knocking on your door. What’s interesting is that it helps you drive traffic to your website, helps with more Twitter followers, impressions, likes, and retweets. If you use it the right way, you’ll see the results.

58. Use Pinterest ads

If you are on Pinterest, you will understand how important it is to drive traffic to your website with the number of viewers you get.

If you’re aiming for more sales, traffic, and engagement, you should use Pinterest ads to get that as it involves the use of visual content/product to drive traffic to your website. Although, it comes with a full guideline to achieve better results.

59. Send out newsletters

We talked about collecting email addresses by using mail optins and lists. So, what do you use the email acquired for? To get visitors/subscribers back to your website. It’s that simple! Set up a mail optin and get email subscribers and send newsletters to them via email.

Email your subscribers periodically or occasionally, but dong go overboard in doing this. People hate spam and would unsubscribe if the rate of emails sent to them is highly increasing, all from the same place.

Weekly or monthly newsletter works well as they help subscribers visit your blog periodically without being spammed.

60. Install and send push notifications

This encourages visitors to choose what they receive a notification on their device. This is important as it helps to drive in more traffic when you publish new posts.

61. Share your blog on HackerNews

This is a place where blogs that focus on technology, the internet, etc, appear. You can get clicks from people already on the platform or others visiting the platform. You give and take by submitting your blog posts on the platform which can be a driving force to your blog traffic success.

62. Enter communities like Github

Github is a place for developers to connect and brainstorm, code, and do other things related to coding and developing. You can include a link to your website or blog in your profile so everyone that checks you out can get a hand of your website link.

63. Share your blog on

You have found a place for connecting with entrepreneurs and marketers. This community appears to have a majority of articles focusing on marketing, Search Engine Optimization, entrepreneurship, web, and other internet related content. If you blog on topics related to these areas, you can share your posts and begin driving traffic to your blog. Spamming is a great problem that has a huge penalty, and it will affect on your side if you’re driven out of the community, so don’t spam.

64. Join Triberr (Community)

Triberr is a social network or community that allows bloggers and influencers to meet and connect. Just like many other social networks, you are free to join communities as much as you can, join as many tribes as you can. Create a profile for yourself and add your RSS feed to your profile for other bloggers and influencers to find your blog easily, write, comment, and share as many other people’s works and find your website traffic increasing gradually.

65. Share on ManageWP (Currently closed down)

ManageWP is a place where people that focus on WordPress connect, share ideas, impressions, etc. If your blog focus on WordPress, you can begin by creating an acco for yourself, wait until you’re granted posting privilege, and start posting after, share, and vote for interesting news, and articles you find on the website without being spammy.

66. Add Twitter Links on Your Blog Post

The best way to do this is by writing questions, quotes, or trivia and making it a tweetable with the use of plugins that allow you to add Twitter links to your posts.

67. Join Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a platform to promote products online, it’s free and allow anyone to promote their products, make review/comments on products, and vote products that require voting in the community.

68. Share and post motivational quotes

Use the advantage of motivational quotes to captivate your followers, audience, community, and people that like you on social media, in your community, and others always interested in being motivated to conjure the courage to do something.

Motivational quotes are really converting and working for a lot of people.

69. Update your website content

It’s believed that every content online gets old in a matter of time. This is because the internet is updated constantly. Any old content will drive people away to other websites that have updated content.

Updating may include checking broken links and updating them, setting up redirection, changing images and updating them, correcting grammar, updating permalinks, headlines/title, etc.

70. Edit and Proofread, Your Posts

Proofreading is one of the aspects of writing most people don’t pay attention to or even take lightly. If posts aren’t proofread and updated, they become open source for grammar mistakes, negligencies, and oversights.

Make sure you proofread your posts before publishing them or proofread them when you spot mistakes. By doing this, you’ll allow visitors to trust your blog and even feel safe when sharing your blog with others.

The perfect tool for catching writing mistakes, proofreading, and attaining writing safety is Grammarly. It’s a tool that allows you to refine, and improve your writing!

71. Promote and Publish E-Books

E-books are great and writing e-books is not easy especially when you spend so much time getting them compiled, full of message, knowledge, and information. This information is deciphered by people who get or purchase your e-books without even knowing about your blog. When you write your e-books, it’s essential to add your biography, some information about yourself, your resources (especially a link to your blog), and other important pieces of information.

72. Use Hashtags on Social Media

Hashtags serve as keywords on social media that help the majority of users get exactly what they’re looking for with respect to hashtags. One mistake most people make is adding irrelevant hashtags to their posts because of the trending value of the hashtag.

73. Hit the Publish Button at the Right Time

Study your audience and the communities where they exist to understand the best time they come online, the time they are interested in reading on blogs, and publish so it can reach them at the right time.

74. Using Bing Ads

Bing is another search engine that has been around for so many years. An alternative to Google will make it easy to get traffic to your website through paid traffic which is easy and budget-wise as compared to Google that requires low to high budgets depending on the value and the worth of keyword being targeted.

75. Convert blog posts to PDF and share them with visitors and other potential visitors.

Another way to stay away from losing traffic is through converting posts to PDF. PDF is a highly popular extension that is used in every part of the world, and because of its compatibility with many phones, computers, and other electronic devices, a lot of people prefer reading from already prepared documents (as readily as PDF).

There are many tools to get that easily done for you. Meaning; converting your blog post into PDF format.

76. Ask Opinions (Readers and Visitors)

At the end of your posts, try asking your readers and visitors questions, help, suggestion, feedback, or give them instructions. This will help you improve your blog and make it more desirable to read.

77. Submit your site to all search engines

Submitting your website to a search engine is one of the best ways to drive free and organic traffic to your website. If you improve and configure your website for search engine by making it SEOed, you will find your website or blog ranking in search engine for every keyword that matches your content.

People often love to visit Google for virtually anything they want to know. They find it easy to Google search or try other search engines like Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Ask, DuckDuckGo, etc to find what they are looking for. This way, anyone who’s search intent matches your website or blog’s content keyword is directed to your website or blog through the search results, so make your website Search Engine Optimized.

78. Sell your products on E-commerce websites and Marketplaces

If you’re deeply interested in getting more customers, sales, and traffic on your products, you must be aware that selling products on e-commerce websites and marketplaces is the best decision you should make. When you add your products to these places, they are exposed to a larger audience that is completely free and these audiences are also converted to website visitors when they click to read your product descriptions.


Writing content for your website or blog alone doesn’t make it successful, but following and implementing the best strategies can make your content get to a high level of performance and achievement. Blogging and writing when stirred with proper strategies will help you connect to the right audience, make your blog reach the right people dedicated to reading from it.

If you’re able to simplify your writing strategies, our outlined tips will guide you towards getting traffic to your blog frequently without losing track. 

For more helpful guides, resources, and support, join our Facebook Group with the ultimate goal to make you succeed in your journey. If you have any questions regarding blogging, you have a free ticket to join our community. You can also leave your comment below.

We hope this article helped you as a beginner, blogger, and student. You may also want to see our guide on how to start a blog, and, how to improve your blog and writing.

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