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Many youths have the philosophy of making fun of others when it comes to creating and making decisions, bringing new ideas, and making the best version of themselves.

The life once moved from the agrarian period when agriculture is the most effective and lucrative cultural job or occupation and it hasn’t changed not until this time of our existence. It has now moved to the educational system of the economy.

This economy, thousands of parents enrolled their wards and juveniles into school, thinking of it has a place where their children can become to most influential people, and it’s no doubt. But this system of education came to segment and bring forth the game of winners and losers. Truly the most successful ones at this time are the ones who are mostly brilliant because it is a spot where the brilliant ones can find their way out.

The so-called losers as was being called in this time only found their way back to their various country to modernize their way of planting and giving food to the brilliant ones with the little knowledge they have.

This time, the society started to fold-up in an undisclosed and unknown way and has given rise to crime, low productivity, emotional stress, and immediate diminish of personal talent, all these are important because of the system and the style of education.

Now, the educational system strategy has been clear to most people who really know where they are going, most have now seen that the educational economy has never for once favored everyone rather it only favored only people with higher influence.

Many parents have destroyed most of their children’s talents on the verge of having the thought that if they were not enrolled in schools, they can never be successful, although still remains the best legacy, but what are they really unto?.

The rate at which most people measure others’ talent is through education which is not satisfactory for the world.

“But we have to change our thinking, and feelings on what we consider ourselves to be”.

The Way Forward


Every human being has its own unique feature and potential but it depends on how they were being nurtured.

A child who has been taught not to come late to school will surely grow up responding to the earliest of time. And the one who was told from the cradle not to make a mistake and also grow up hoping not to commit blunders will be set to trails and completely make a lot of impacts in life.

What we learn from the cradle will always be part and parcel of our existence, within us and become our daily routine. Except we de-hypnotize ourselves or what we are being acted upon.

The thought of not making mistakes has always been part of us from the cradle and we grew up fearing mistakes itself. This is one of the negative impacts and a big problem in our lives.
The fact is that we can only learn more from our mistakes and try not to engross them again.

Going to school is not the only way to be successful in life but having the right and basic education. When you believe that there is goodness in you then you start to think for yourself and the world.

The world is now in a connected economy and we have limited people who have just discover the truth about the world. Why don’t you quickly embrace the new opportunity?

Different connectors in different parts of the world are engaging people and products in different ways. Facebook, UBER, and Amazon are similar and the closest example.

Also, people of today now discover what we are termed “Networking” and make their future from it.

Many discoveries have been availed and people have started embracing what they discovered to be their potential.
Discover and uncover your talent, and practice something that will benefit the world.


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    What a nice piece, this is really an eye opener..

    1. Hussein

      This is really an eye opener.
      A lot of parents make mistakes during upbringing and persisting in the same mistake down to the streamline. May we learn and be saved.

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