Education Is The Passport To Success

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It is said that “Education is light”? Many people don’t deem it to be their ticket to success.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepared for it” Malcolm X

Education is a life long process that ends with death, it determines the whole aspect of an individual, as it increases and widens an individual knowledge, not as some will assume: Education is nothing but to go to schools and obtain some certificate.

Go out today and ask 100 adults what they think education is. Ninety-eight of them would tell you, “to get a good education, you need to have a university degree(s)”.
Is that true?
Is the school or university the only source of education?
Well, I’ll agree with you that school gives education if you think education is about teaching our children how to be shaky and dependent only on their parents.

The contextual meaning of education is not understood by a lot and this has deceived our young children to restrict the meaning only to school.

School deceives our young adults to dream of being employees as well. School brainwashes everyone to believe it’s better to work for a bank than to build a bank?

No. True education is about power. True education is about independence. True education is about freedom. To be educated is to be able to create your life the way you want it to be after having sought guidance.

Captivity and poverty are signs of illiteracy. If you’re educated, you’re free and will be able to seek things out the way they should be.

I am not trying to bug the crap out of you.

You are still on Exceptionalways

I believe we can change the continent of Africa, only if we can motivate, inspire, and stimulate our young people and adults to dream and persevere towards the great journey of life and pursue their dreams. I believe we have to halt making excuses and take responsibility.

I believe anyone ready to achieve success with his/her life can do so because we all struggle and battle with difficulties in life, we just pretend and presume nothing is happening upon perseverance.

School is very important. You go to school to learn a skill or profession to become a contributing member of society. Every culture needs teachers, doctors, mechanics, artists, cooks, businesspeople, police officers, firefighters, and soldiers. Schools train them so society can thrive and flourish. Unfortunately, for many people school is the end, not the beginning.

True learning takes energy, passion, and burning desire. Anger is a big part of that formula, for passion is anger and love combined. When it comes to education, or even acquiring wealth, most people want to play it safe and feel
secure but they fail to get what education entails.

Let’s snatch a moment to find out the meaning of the word “education”. This is very crucial because until we know the meaning of a word, we can’t understand its usage.

Education is an English word that originated from the Latin word, “educo”.

Educo means, “To develop from within”, to grow in mind, to have power. Let us check the dictionary, to see it’s obvious meaning.

“The act or process of acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself”.

Education is about knowledge, but not just that. Education is about cultivating the powers within your mind. Education is about learning something beneficial and applying it positively. Preparing for the future.

Education has improved the technological-based industries and has done a lot in the discovery of a lot of things which made men understand the way to walk through the galleys and alleys of life.

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An educated individual is more likely to evolve better exemplary conduct credibly. This can be highly distinguished from an uneducated individual.
As it is a crucial fact that the lack of educational knowledge can forge misconceptions which may lead to superstition, domestic violence, unethical and immoral conduct in an uncivilized society.

Education brings equal opportunities to both gender and manifest scrutiny based on belief.

It also makes an individual realize the truth from falsehood and the right of every individual, their worth, and contribute immensely to the spine of the community. It prepared men to sufficiently benefit and flourish the nation.

Ideas and Creativity

Education is an innovation itself, it also gives room for more ideas and creativity in an individual.

Education is the answer to every problem of an individual with the help of a reasonable scheme of reflection.

Why do we need to be Educated?

Of course, many view education as the safety and consent of a human being’s intrinsic skill to receive, accept and refine appreciation, and fruitful existence and extinction. Conversely, others view it the wrong way.

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We've worked hard to keep these resources moving. If you enjoyed reading our articles, kindly join our 7,560 subscribers and we’ll send you the latest from Exceptionalways.

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