Exceptionalways creates a residence for young and old rising writers, bloggers, poets, motivators, and entrepreneurs by providing a platform that introduces everyone to the world. We help support, provide resources, and strategy. We are striving towards creating a database for all these kinds of people across the globe.

If you have never used Exceptionalways before, the best way to get underway is to join any of the many communities Exceptionalways is hosting. Browse the community directory and click on the ‘Join’ button to join any of the displayed communities.

Joining a Community

When you click on a ‘join’ button to join a community, you don’t need to sign out another registration form.

Once you submit clicked to join, Exceptionalways will send a notification to community leaders for preview and authorization. Once your request is approved, you will receive an email confirmation message with the email address you specified during registration. Click on the link in that message to open and navigate the community.

Logging In

To log in to Exceptionalways website, type your email address or the username you specified during registration and your password and click on the ‘login’ button. An option is left for you is you haven’t registered before, just beside the login button.

You can tick Remember Me box to have your browser remember your email address or username and password and log you in automatically every time you visit Exceptionalways login page.

If you forgot your password, click on forgot password? and enter your email address and you will shortly receive an email with a link through which you can set a new password. If you do not receive the email within a few minutes, try again a few more times and don’t lose hope. You will surely receive the email. If your email does not arrive even after multiple attempts, please contact support.

Note: Remember Me option will only work on the computer or phone browser you used when you ticked the checkbox. You will have to repeat this on every computer you are using if you wish to ignore logging in every time.

WARNING: Do NOT tick this checkbox if you are using someone else’s phone, computers, or are accessing from a public worksite, such as an internet café. If you accidentally ticked this box, be sure to click on Logout button once you are in the application.

Navigating Communities

Once logged in, click on ‘Groups’ menu in the toolbar to show a list of all communities you are a member of. Communities are filtered alphabetically within a structure. Click on any group to visit it.

Why You Email Is Very Important

Exceptionalways is a simple collaboration tool designed to help several people support, help and communicate rapidly and effectively, and without the need to stress over.

Email is a broadly effective way to create an account globally, so this is implemented on Exceptionalways. Having access to the website is mostly useful for searching and keeping your records, and protecting your privacy.


A group/community holds together members and content within Exceptionalways. Only members of a group/community have access to a community’s content.

A group/community name is the last fraction of the URL and it is often also included in the email community messages sent from a particular community. The name is often cited as the short name of a group/community.

When you create a new group/community, an email will be sent to you.

Content Moderation

A group/community can either accept contributions from any member and bring it immediately visible to other members of the community, or it might need approval from a group/community admin before the content is accepted and made visible to all. A group/community that requires admin approval for content moderated, and the one that doesn’t is non-moderated.


An Exceptionalways user is any person able to log in into Exceptionalways and has a profile defined in Exceptionalways. A user does not necessarily have to be linked with any community, although other users are.

The only way to become an Exceptionalways user is via the registration form. After a user ends being a member of any group/community, his/her will however have a profile on Exceptionalways and can join other groups/communities in the future.

A user can delete own profile and hence terminate membership in Exceptionalways – this action is irreversible: once the profile is deleted, one needs to sign up a new profile through the registration form.


A user with a ticket and entry into a group/community is said to be a member of that group/community. Members can begin discussions, contribute documents and other content, and can invite other members to join a community. In moderated groups/communities, members’ contributions will require an administrator’s approval


A group/community administrator has wide control of a community. Administrators can invite or remove members, promote other members into admins, can contribute content to a community, and in a moderated community can furthermore decide whether to approve or reject content proposed by members. Ultimately, administrators can change group/community settings, turn a non-moderated community into a moderated one, change its name, or delete it. A community can have more than one administrator.


Exceptionalways web servers and databases are kept to the highest standard of the information technology profession. The servers are hosted in a data center standard and credible security


Tab Bar

When viewing any page within a group/community, the tab bar reveals all available features of that group/community.

Discussions – you can click on this tab to show all active discussion threads, sorted in chronological order – most recent updated discussion comes first
Bookmark – browse your saved documents.
Members – a list of all group/community members, a who is who of this group/community.
Inbox – a list of all incoming messages, from your friends, administrators, and group leaders. This is only visible to you.
Group Settings – only visible to a group leader, this link opens group/community settings dialog.

Group Directory

The Group Directory reveals all groups/communities within Exceptionalways that welcome participation from every new member.

Group/Community directory is publicly visible – one does not have to be Exceptionalways user to browse the directory. This also implies that the directory will be indexed by search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and will appear in their search results. If you are a group/community leader, make sure your community title and description are well-written and useful in describing what your community is basically about.
If you discover a group/community you would like to join in or explore its content, click on the join button to request membership.

User Profile Menu

The profile menu is always displayed immediately you log in to Exceptionalways. The profile menu shows your username that you registered and logged in with (By default, username cannot be changed, so make sure you always choose a decent username before registration). On the top right corner of your profile cover/ profile image, you find an option to navigate; your profile settings, your account settings, and a logout button. When you click the account option, you can modify your account settings, through which you can change email preferences, edit your profile information, clear your session, change your password, privacy settings, notification settings, and delete account settings.

Edit Profile

The profile dialog offers the option to view and edit information about yourself. The profile slightly corresponds to the registration page – your biography will display here.
To edit your profile, open the profile menu, and click on the Edit profile menu item.

Profile Photo

To add or change your profile photo, click on Photo, and then choose and upload an image from your phone or computer. A very good user photo has mostly the face visible, with not much background or setting behind. For adequate results, make sure your image is at least 250 pixels wide and 250 high.

The image size in kilobytes is not necessary, as long as it is under 8MB since the server will automatically resize it to 250×250 pixels.

Edit Account

The only mandatory field in the first section of your account is your email address. You can’t save profile modifications and changes if the email address is incorrect, or if another user profile already uses this same email address.

Change Password

It is constantly good practice to change the password every few months. While Exceptionalways does not hold big secrets, if you are overseeing a large community, it might be inappropriate if someone guessed your password and started sending spam to all community members. It’s a good practice to use reasonably random passwords and always combine letters (Capital & Small), numbers, and punctuation characters.
To change the password, click on the account menu and open Change password dialog to initiate a password change.

Terminate/Delete Account

When you terminate/delete your account, Exceptionalways will delete all your profile details and remove you from all groups/communities your profile is linked to.

This is a detrimental procedure – and Exceptionalways will always ask you to confirm your conclusion. Once you confirm account termination/deletion, your profile and account will be erased and you will not be able to reverse this process. The only way to get back into Exceptionalways will be to register again as a new user and request membership in all groups/communities again

Every time a user terminates account on Exceptionalways, all Exceptionalways administrators will receive an email – use the contact us form to communicate back your intentions for vacating or to share your experience (both positive or negative) and suggest how to enhance and enrich the platform.


Discussions on Exceptionalways protected and can only be accessed by group/community members. You can create and send a message through the group/community.
To see discussions in a group/community, click on the discussions tab. (If discussions tab is not visible for you, it means you don’t have access to group/community discussion, you can only see discussion).

Each discussion topic starts with a single message followed by a number of responses/comments.
To contribute to a discussion, click on ‘comment’ below the message you wish to reply to. To start a new discussion, click on write post link and type your message and then send it.

Obsolete Discussion

Discussions can become discarded, or maybe a group/community leader prefers to remove threads no longer of interest to current group/community focus.