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10 Things You Should Avoid After Taking Your Meal

Things you should avoid after taking your meal

The body will continue to be in an ardent and steady-state if only it hasn’t been compromised (impaired).

Our health is completely important but how much do we care for it?

In this article, you will get to know some of the habits that can affect your health after taking a meal.

Do you know that some common aspects of our living could eventually affect your general health?


Sleeping is an essential part of our life. Too much of it can depreciate the efficiency and effectiveness of the brain. However, going to bed right after a meal could lead to bloating, discomfort, and abnormal sleeping patterns. Please try to engage with other activities instead of sleeping right after your meal.


Eating Fruits

Fruits need special kinds of enzymes and more time to get digested. Eating fruits after a meal can cause indigestion, flatulence, or heartburn.

Drinking Cold Water

Most people don’t think about the hostile effect of cold water in their body, a little is mindful of the side effects, but they don’t implement it rather, they take it on the go. This is subject to further discussion but because of the purpose of this article, avoid drinking cold water immediately after a meal or refrain from drinking it. Coldwater does not allow proper digestion of foods as it causes bunching of food, which may increase the chance of constipation.

Drinking of Tea & Coffee

Although, they both have their benefits when consumed in a limited amount. Conversely, excess of anything is harmful! It is suggested by most nutritionists that tea should be consumed at least one hour after any meal.

Tea is the best natural remedy for several ailments. But it is always said that drinking tea after meals could be hazardous to health.

Tea contains a phenolic compound that deprives the body of the absorption of the appropriate amount of iron. The presence of phenolic and iron together leads to the formation of complex iron in the stomach which leads to various stomach issues. Besides this, drinking tea right after the meal leads to the problem of lack of catechins in the body.


Smoking a cigarette after a meal is equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes on the go. This can increase the risk of bowel cancer and lung cancer.


Taking a bath after food increases blood flow to every other part of the body, except the stomach. It leads to indigestion and digestive problems (i.e Constipation). It is suggested that you should wait for 30minutes(or waiting 30minutes) after a meal to take a shower.

Loosening the Belt

Although, most people suggest that you don’t do this after a meal, don’t loosen the belt! It’s just a sign that you’ve eaten a lot more than was necessary, which in short, is bad.


As people would say, “go for a walk after a meal”. They were ant to advise you and think the best thing to do after a meal is to go for a walk. But researchers say that you should wait at least 30minutes before taking a walk.
Going for a walk right after a meal can result in acid reflux and indigestion.

Going to the gym and doing exercise

They are both good options to shape your body and looks. They may help you look awesome! But it’s not good to join the gym and doing heavy exercises right after your meal. After eating, your stomach needs rest and time to digest the food you have eaten.

Brushing your Teeth

Generally, people say that it is important to brush your teeth after eating. Yes! It is vital for dental health but don’t do that immediately after eating.
When you are done eating, it is recommended to wait about 30minutes before brushing your teeth.

Which of these are you going to stop immediately?

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