Taking Responsibility and Learning To Admit Your Mistakes

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Taking Responsibility and Learning To Admit Your Mistakes

A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.   John Maxwell

No one is an island of knowledge. Daily time and daily life, we make a lot of decision and decision making we see is the hardest thing to make in life but when we make a decision we feel the balance that our decisions are right, but, let’s just say that everyone has this ability to commit blunders. More so, mistakes are full of knowledge when we can admit, learn, and don’t fall in the same mistake again.


Today, some find themselves “a complete human being”, and that’s wrong. Human beings at times or mostly learn from negligence, oversights, failure, from the mistakes of those who might have wronged themselves or others when making their own decision, and lessons are derived from what they have done.

Not everyone’s correction is seen as a discipline because we have different people with wrong ideologies, some people try to make corrections based on ignorance while others try to draw corrections from previous mistakes. Some only want to be seen when they are correcting just for fame, prestige, and attention.

The correction we see is extremely important to man and admitting mistakes is highly an act worth complementing. Some people love to be corrected secretly rather than publicly, they feel embarrassed when they are corrected in the public, but this depends on the nature of the mistake.

If you’re to commit immoralities in public, then you should have the fear of being corrected in public! If, it is private, then you should not fear any criticism.

Everyone loves to be corrected generously but when our mistakes are so enormous and it corrupt the societal and cultural beliefs it looks like it a serious mistake which at times needs to be corrected publicly as at the moment it’s been noticed by those who deem to understand the right thing.

Public mistakes are to be corrected in other not to corrupt people’s beliefs because when we talk of mistakes, they are different are were weight more than others.


But how do we know we make mistakes and what are the ways to fess up to them?

By seeing things from someone else’s perspective:

If you’ve made an agreement and lagged to keep it, put yourself in the other person’s condition, and watch how things look from their perspectives. How would you handle it? What would be your reaction if you were them? And what action would persuade and convince you?

By being sympathetic:

Acknowledge that your mistakes might affect a lot of people than just you, and realize the problem you’ve caused. A little bit of sympathy or kindness can well be your starting point. Another way to know when we are negligent is to humble ourselves and be generous to people and everything we live with. This makes others happy and accustomed to show you your mistakes.

By taking responsibility:

Don’t try to run out of it (your mistakes), and don’t look around seriously for someone else to blame. Even if your failure came about because of someone else’s disappointment affecting you, you’re ultimately responsible for the operations under your authority.

Accept consequences:

It’s tough, I know, but occasionally you have to bite the bullet and take your lumps. Several actions appear without any consequences at all; be prepared to embrace whatever befalls you as a result of the errors and blunders you’ve made.

Know that when there are principle and limitation there will always be penalty and punishment and then we start to do things in accordance with the rules laid down by the authorities, we are set to do the right things but once we decide to do things according to our whims and fancies then we know there will always be penalized as a result of a mistake in the process.

Know that there are other people who are receptive, conscious, and knowledgeable than we might think of out there and when we come across this type of people, we should be ready to learn and acquire knowledge.


What You Should Know?

No correction can be neglected except the one correcting does it with his whims, fancies, and acquaintance just to be known by other people.

Knowledge at times is gathered only when we can admit our mistakes and ready to be corrected.

Although, everyone is always right base on their own reasoning but questioning our intentions can be of help to our decisions and considering how our decisions will be seen or felt by people.

The world is filled with unique people from different lineage and we comprehend and discern things differently. Conversely, we understand things in ways to suit our own desires.

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We've worked hard to keep these resources moving. If you enjoyed reading our articles, kindly join our 7,560 subscribers and we’ll send you the latest from Exceptionalways.

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