The Greatness Within You

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The road of greatness is free for us all to trend. It isn’t about who you are, but it’s about who you want to be, it’s about what you believe. Sometimes, you don’t get what you wish for, but what you get is what you believe.

“You don’t get what you want in life, you have to crave for it, fight for it. Take a chance on doing what you love because you could fail from doing what you don’t love.”


A lot of people allow fear to execute their dreams and turn them into ordinary thoughts, they enslave themselves with this mentality but this will only seize if they stop looking at life and seeing obstacles as the barrier to greatness. See comfort, see yourself as victorious, visualize yourself fulfilling your dreams, achieving your goals, and becoming the person it takes to go from where, and who you are to where you want to be in life. Greatness!

A lot of people live their lives just for pleasing sake, thinking that there’s often a tomorrow to look back unto, to make something unique, to transform something about their lives and they do this without actually realizing that a day passed by is another day lost, another day beyond our control.

They do the same things for years, make the same mistakes, as if they were living a custom life, a life that, once they clearly open their eyes, they don’t even perceive as their own. Why is it very difficult for you to believe that there is as much greatness within you as there is in the people you admire?

Coming To Understand

People who lived with you, successful individuals were the same as you but they believed, had hope, faith, and confidence in themselves and managed to overcome their impeding beliefs and began living their true lives.

You are born with a purpose, for a purpose and not brought here to live a satisfactory life. This beautiful gift of life, this great opportunity was given to you so that you can make the best of it, the elements that bring your soul happiness and contentment, the things that bring happiness into other people’s lives too.

Understanding your true potential makes you recognize the greatness that lies within you. When you allow your mistakes, your failure and disappointment to teach you more about realizing the lessons life sends your way, to teach you about patience and leave behind all thoughts of self-criticism and blame and make today the beginning of the rest of your amazing life, you set yourself to great lengths.

The awakening of the greatness within us begins with a step.

You can achieve more than you can begin to imagine. We all have something within ourselves, something we recognize, something we crave and strive to achieve but you have to realize that you have the strength to achieve it. Most people think they are average, they think they don’t have the zeal to achieve all that they seek. If you see yourself as someone who can succeed, a person created on purpose, destined to be successful, you will honestly end up in greatness.

Build up self-confidence and belief in yourself. Become the person you want to be, reach your full potential, and push the boundaries. You will never thrive if you don’t strive for more than average, don’t be the same as everyone else, don’t look down on yourself and say “I can’t make it”, be different, believe in yourself, you truly do have greatness within you.

Whether you’re just starting out or you have been struggling hard towards your aspirations, the cost of greatness will locate you. Not everyone moves through the same road, goes through the same journey, but everyone’s commitment to their vision is tested at some point in life.

When you look back on your journey towards greatness, there are three main things needed to achieve it.


We all have the potential to dream, but not everyone has the zeal to truly chase their dreams. When people aren’t living their dreams they repeatedly have limited belief structures.
They conclude and think that their current situations or environments are preventing them from achieving the things they want to do in life.

We all have outstanding sets of situations in our lives that we can use as excuses, but realizing to find those missteps in our life that offer us the ability to succeed, can stimulate us to begin carrying out changes in our lives that need to be made, to make our dreams come true and succeed.

You are never too far, too weak, too old, too poor, or too young to live your dreams. You might not get to your destination the same way as others but if you start to believe in your dreams and chasing them now, you’ll eventually get there. If you want to think bad enough to go out and fight for it, to work day and night for your dream, to spend up your time, your night for it, you won’t fail but get to your destination and achieve your dream.

Dreams are just dreamed until you choose they are going to be something more. When you develop the passion for your dreams, your life situations will not prevent you from achieving them


A lot of people don’t recognize success as soon as they could because they are negligent, careless, and lazy. Similarly, some don’t attain success as quickly as they could because they have not discovered their passion.

Having a passion for what you’re doing is an outstanding lesson from successful people.

If you have an intense passion for something, you have to hold on to it, fight for it, and lose all your terror for it. However, you don’t necessarily need to have a passion for what you do. Deep passion and belief can show up from why you’re doing it. Whether it’s relatives or exiting mediocrity, you have to discover something that motivates you to succeed at what you’re doing.


Difficult and tough moments are a reality that we all have to confront at different milestones in our lives. We all strive through dark moments, circumstances, disappointments, difficulties, drawbacks, problems, trials, and tribulations.

We all have tough times when we try our best to succeed, but we fail. And we have all gone through moments when we try our hardest to put together things and make them right, but they still go wrong. Hard times are essential and inevitable. You can’t escape the conflict but you need to endure.

Guidance is the most efficient way to find success. There is no better guide than experience. What you can do is utilize your purpose to comfort, guide, and support yourself through the surges. Because when everything stumbles, the guidance and purpose will be the support system that helps you mend your life together.

While there is no guarantee of greatness and success, or when you might arrive, you will never realize what living your dream looks and feels like unless you conjure the courage to stand up and get ready to start chasing them.

If you can’t start a journey you can’t finish one. Start visualizing what the end of the streamlines looks because you know the value of investing in yourself!

The Greatness Within. Credit: MotivationGrid
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We've worked hard to keep these resources moving. If you enjoyed reading our articles, kindly join our 7,560 subscribers and we’ll send you the latest from Exceptionalways.

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