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With COVID-19 symbolizing a bigger threat every day, guardians are stressed over the wellbeing of their children and how to approach their daily lives while remaining safe and keeping their children secured. Since the infection is new and the circumstance developing at each progression, we pick up something about it consistently. Until the circumstance is managed, we’re certain that you, as guardians, have various inquiries regarding what you can do to guarantee the safety of your children. Here are answers to certain inquiries we’ve gone over regularly.

1. What is the Most Important Thing to Do to Keep My Child Protected?

The two lifelines that will keep your kid out of risk’s way, however much as could be expected, are to remain disconnected and isolated and to wash hands consistently. Social separation and distancing is the key factor in remaining safe and doing your bit to stop the spread of the infection, and hand-washing disposes of germs. It tends to be difficult to get your children to wash hands consistently, yet we have an answer.

2. Are Children at a Higher Risk of Coronavirus?

There are a few children who have been infected, yet that number is very low. Starting now, not just the old and individuals with previous ailments like respiratory illness, asthma, and so on are at a higher danger of this serious disease but everyone is. To respond to this inquiry No, youngsters are not a piece of the high-hazard section, up until now. Most cases in children have been gentle, particularly if the child is in a healthy state.

3. What Hygiene Measures Should My Family Follow to Stay Safe From COVID-19?

Washing and purifying your hands, particularly in the wake of contacting open surfaces, wearing a cover when out in broad daylight, and abstaining from imparting towels or garments to relatives are a couple of cleanliness safeties you can follow.

4. My Child has Impaired Immunity/Pre-Existing Ailment. Does That Make Him Vulnerable To coronavirus?

Children that have a compromised immune system/ low immunity, respiratory ailments, cardiac difficulties, metabolism problems, or high or low blood pressure can have a severe illness if exposed to COVID-19. However, the virus and its consequences are still being researched, so this data could easily change, based on new information found. For now, parents should do everything they can to keep their child safeguarded, irrespective of pre-existing medical conditions, or impaired immunity.

5. What Should I Stock Up for My Child During the Outbreak?

Keep in mind, markets and basic administrations will be open, so there’s no compelling reason to store anything. In any case, you can load up for possibly 14 days one after another to reduce your recurrence of venturing out to shop. Stock up on infant food and oat, and snacks for more established children. It is likewise encouraged to change your child’s garments every 7-8 hours, so it’s probable you will require some additional sets.

6. Can I Still Take My Child to Public Places?

It’s favorable that you don’t wander out with your youngster openly, however much as could reasonably be expected. Nonetheless, the circumstance continues changing each day, so search in with nearby news or wellbeing outlets to check in the event that the environment is safe and protected. In the event that your children are nervous at home, you could take them for a drive or stroll when the roads and streets are not congested, as long as you play it safe like using face mask and sanitizer.

7. I Still Have to Go to Work. How Do I Ensure That No Virus is Passed on to My Family?

This can be risky, thinking of going to work and meeting various individuals consistently and afterward returning home to your family can be sensitive. This, as a matter of fact, the important step is to keep yourself secured and ensure you don’t get influenced when outing or at work, by wearing face mask and washing or cleaning your hand subsequent to contacting any surface. At the point when you return home, your primary aim must be scrubbing down or washing your hands up to your elbow with soap or antiseptics. Abstain from contacting anybody or any surfaces in the house until you do as such. The equivalent applies to anybody going into your home, be it family, companions, or house help.

8. My Family Member is Showing Symptoms of Coronavirus. How Do I Keep My Child Safe?

If a family member has coronavirus symptoms, its best to keep your family isolated at home until he/she gets tested and begin receiving treatments. If the result is positive, make sure everyone at home is quarantined and tested as well. Remember, the quicker you get help, the better your recovery.

9. What Will My Child Do at Home Since School is Cancelled?

Children tend to get bored and exhausted, particularly on the off chance that they’re stuck inside and can’t go outside to play. Stock up on books and equip them with something meaningful that is quite friendly so they can kill a couple of hours, and even allow you to bond with your children.

10. How Do I Explain the Coronavirus Situation to My Child Without Causing Fear?

Your child is probably going to see the distinction in daily life and will ask you what’s happening. It’s ideal to be forthright and clarify the realities utilizing a soothing tone. Concentrate on what your children can do to remain secured, as opposed to clarifying measurements that are probably going to panic them.

11. Should I Continue to Take My Child for Vaccinations?

It is important for your child to get his inoculations on schedule, so don’t pass up any. There are health administrations that you could call home to manage the immunization. Ensure that the agent washes his hands when he enters your home. On the off chance that you need to take your youngsters to the consultant’s center, play it safe, and disinfect yours and your child’s hands in the wake of leaving the facility.

12. Are There Any Precautions That Pregnant Women Should Take?

For whatever length of time that they keep up social distancing and follow genuine cleanliness, pregnant women can guard themselves during coronavirus pandemic. Nonetheless, make a point to get yourself checked in the event that you or a relative shows any indications of COVID-19.

13. Is It Safe to Get Things Home Delivered During Coronavirus?

Getting things home-conveyed is an extraordinary choice during the coronavirus flare-up, as it will decrease your recurrence of venturing out to load up on staple goods, food, basics, and so on. There are numerous applications that you can utilize, which give you the alternative of having everything, directly from meds to goods to food home-conveyed at ostensible rates. This is likewise an extraordinary alternative for other residents, who are particularly powerless against the infection. Nonetheless, it is essential to avoid potential risks, for example, showering some sanitizer or disinfectant on the bundle before contacting it and washing your hands subsequent to getting the package. This will guarantee you don’t get any hurtful germs.


It’s not unexpected to stress over your child’s wellbeing during these circumstances, particularly when the data accessible appears to be obscure and conflicting. The main activity is to remain quiet and not alarm, as being savvy about what safety measures to take is the thing that will keep your family secured. Always recall that if you alarm or become confused, so will your youngster.

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