How People Fail To Achieve Their Goals

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Planning is easy. Setting goals is easy. Implementation and execution of those plans are tough, sometimes it is harder and sometimes it is rough! Why do you make plans? Are you only daydreaming about what you would like to do in the future? Or, are you building, creating, and making plans about things that honestly must be done?

Are your plans documented or written down? If not, the second time you have some plans, try and write down the pieces in as you have them in your mind. Many times just the adorable act of seeing your plans on a sheet or document can give you the motivation to get things done.

  • If you have any idea, write them down!
  • If you have managed to acquire some wealth, have plans for it!
  • If you are planning to marry/get married, have plans prior to getting married!
  • If you have ever wished to become a CEO of a company, make positive plans on getting there!
  • If you have a lot of things at your fingertips and disposal, organize a plan for them!
  • If you’re worried about your kids, make plans for them!
  • If you’re planning to become successful, have a plan for yourself!

Are you still not making any improvement in Execution? Adopt a strategy that will not only make you learn but will give you the hope of having a plan. Take your written record of plans and organize them in order of significance to you. Focus on finishing the top prime plan. As you move from finishing a plan, you succeed to the next and keep progressing to the least of plans you had in the first place.

A lot of people get a taste of motivation and happiness by seeing a list with many plans and then watching that record lessen as they begin fulfilling their plans.

Building courage to complete plans can be very difficult. Some people execute plans just for a token, some get huge satisfaction when people tell them, “well done implementing your ideas”, others get an emotional satisfaction when they successfully act on the plan.

Understanding how people fail to achieve their goals?


A factor that differentiates successful people from many others is their ability to manage and resist procrastination. It is a valuable potential that helps them to keep their level of productivity at the greatest peak.

When it gets to investigating procrastination, there are two categories of challenges. The first challenge many people face is their inability to get started. They procrastinate for so long because they try to keep making excuses and drawing themselves back. The second challenge may arise as soon as people are faced with difficulties or dangers. The existence of these kinds of challenges drives many people to procrastinate instead of working toward solving the problem.

Giving Up

It is a great predicament to see a human being full of potential giving up. Suicide is the conclusive manifestation of giving up, and this is life’s most gloomy episode. We all have a position in life, and suicide is giving up before finding it.

Giving up isn’t always so obvious. It can be a woman making the best part of her income from catering, who has been gradually drained of her strength for life, accepting misery because it’s wrapped with a nice earning. It can be a young boy who started a blog but isn’t having visitors to check his works, feeling hopelessly trapped by the screen he’s created. Anybody you see could be giving up in some positive areas of their life.

If you’ve ever watched, perceived, and noticed someone you love give up on their dream or struggle, even temporarily, throwing in the towel, you know of the empathy feeling you get. Giving up is the ultimate reason people fail because it is the only permanent failure. As long as you are trying, not giving up, you have not failed. But once you give up, success will not arrive suddenly.

You can have the poorest strategy and focus on all of the wrong things, but as long as you keep trying, you will understand and have hope of turning to the right route. That is a visible truth.

Failing is inevitable and for every single individual who has ever lived, the hidden reality of life is an unwavering, inspiring little expression that has impacted lives, flourished the world, given rise to privilege, saved lives, and fulfilled so many dreams.

Failure is also as a result of giving up. Unsuccessful people tend to give up way too easily. Ponzi Schemes’ chaser gives up when they are condemned and doomed (no one is doomed) but they fail because they simply didn’t try hard enough to find other means different from Ponzi. They dream of succeeding smoothly without an iota of effort. This way of achieving success, nevertheless, is extremely rare if not even nonexistent.

It will always be safer to simply give up when the road gets rough and difficult. Giving up limits you a lot of trouble, difficult-hard work, and pain. But it also erases and diminishes your chance to succeed.

Don’t always result in giving up when confronted and met face to face with difficulties. It’s not important if you sometimes err on one part. What matters is that you keep striving, until you find a way to achieve your aims.

For as long as you always strive not to give up, failure cannot destroy you.  Exceptionalways

Existing in The Wrong Location and Direction

At times, failure persists as a result of location – the wrong area, the wrong state, the wrong job, the wrong profession/pursuit. This is the dangerous aspect of failure realizing when to move on to something else. Not all people are capable of success in all things.

A person may be practicing something but, that always fails because of his body structure. There will be a point he will realize he’s not best fit in this specific area of expertise. This kind of person will start wondering “when will I be successful?”

Right now, there is someone doing a part-time job, dangerous and difficult jobs at work, who could be world-class in a specific field. Is it you? This is a valid reason to attempt and try different things – you might be close on to something and love it enough to succeed with it.

Simple Tips: If a husband and his wife persist in the same place, they will both fall short when they are struck with difficulties. Location matters.

Lack of proper plans

If you don’t have a reasonable plan, you are easily close to failure in life. It doesn’t matter if the plan is deficient or if things are not going your way or as planned. All that is important is that you have a plan. It will direct all your actions in one direction. If you have an empty plan, you’ll most likely go left, when nothing is right, go forward when nothing is backward, but you’ll never come closer to your goals.

Create feasible, practical, reasonable, specific, and momentum-built plans. Carefully make deep thoughts and think deep and through before you start maintaining a specific goal. Build plans on what to do next and how to react and be responsible when involved and affected by problems.

Fear of failure

Failure makes us afraid as humans because we have a natural repulsion for failure, it makes us hesitant when trying to seize opportunities. We fear failure, which is why we don’t even struggle, strive, and make an effort to try. Yet, not trying is the greatest failure of all? Isn’t not trying dangerous than failing.

Don’t forget everyone fails one way or the other. Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid of not having the vigor to try. It’s fundamental to understand that the fear of failure is a major barrier to success. By resisting and defeating it you can take a meaningful step in the right direction. Growth and development can only be achieved by taking one step after the other. It doesn’t matter if you fall and weaken. All that matters is that you get back up and continue striving and hoping for success.

Failure shouldn’t be taken as something that is designed to penalize you. Instead, use the lessons you’ve learned, acquired, and realized from all your failures to follow your dreams with even greater determination.

Expecting too much too quickly

A large number of people dream of obtaining and achieving the biggest things. They set themselves extremely difficult goals but are quickly discouraged once they discover how huge the peak they’re looking unto drifts to the sky. As a result, they quickly become depressed because of a lack of results. These are individuals that run for days, only to realize that the distance to their destination hasn’t become shorter, which is why they give up.

There’s no danger with aiming high and dreaming big. However, you might be fixing yourself up for a tall and heavy fall by aiming too high. Nevertheless, in perception, it will motivate you to try hard and to strive for greatness. The entire problem lies in aiming high without holding the dedication, action, and struggle it takes each day to move close toward your goals. Conversely, it’s an enormous problem if we jump for the stars, without considering developing a proper means of transportation that will get us there.

It’s a human trend and tendency to seek instant results, that’s the reason a lot of people jump for Ponzi Schemes. They want to make it quickly without gearing any effort or learn from whatever they have laid their hands unto. For this reason, cut your goals into pieces (break them down) to avoid becoming discouraged instantly. If you set major and minor junctures on your path to your destination, you keep your motivation at a great level during the whole trip.

Not submitting to advice

A lot of people fail because they do not accept valuable advice and acknowledge mistakes. How do they acknowledge mistakes? Instead, they crave – for many reasons – to insist on why they believe what they’re doing is right. Even if their attempts result unsuccessfully, they remain reluctant and hesitant to advise. These kinds of people prefer being right (in their own ultimate point of view) than unfolding themselves up for advice. The reason for this is simple. Listening to other people’s advice corresponds with the disclosure of their own weaknesses, which is something they try to prevent positively. As a result, they choose to encourage and persuade others that they’re right instead of learning to do things right.

Particularly in circumstances when we are faced with difficulties and failures, it’s valuable to be open to guidance and advice. Not every individual may be in a good stance to support us. But those who can give us advice should be given attention to. They might tell us things that are a bit comfortable and convenient. But it is worthwhile to listen to them because it may constitute constructive feedback that helps us to gain important knowledge and understanding and to learn important lessons.

Not learning from previous mistakes

People who failed and ended up unsuccessful are deeply weakened by their faults and failures. Consequently, they do everything they can as fast as possible to forget these painful events. Doing so, they bury the important lessons and insights that come with these mistakes.

Yet, what takes place if we decide to forget and ignore important lessons? We are doomed to repeat the exact mistakes over and over again until we eventually get the message. This is how life plays us!

It is tragic to bury your mistakes. Evaluate what you did wrong and see what you can discover from that experience. Discover why your strategy did not work out. Question and challenge yourself to develop, and create better approaches that enable you to avoid similar mistakes in the future.

By avoiding these traps, you can develop an effective planning strategy, build a powerful business direction for the future, and extensively improve the chances for successful implementation of your strategy.

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