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The main aim behind helping others is not just to earn rewards, but also to promote peace, harmony, and a vastly growing environment.

Today in our world, we are captive of the saying that “everyone helps in the aim of seeking returns” this is absolutely a correct saying. But in reality, it is misleading.

Those who we thought of emulating with all their personality, they were also found in this act. What type of world are we? Isn’t it the world where someone lives and earns endless honor!!

We give and show-off, we even cast pictures with the ‘underprivileged‘ just to let humanity know that we exist. And at the same height, leave them to compete with themselves!
It creates an ocean of distress in me, I thought of this and even heard a saying “the world of social media is the most important in what we do today” but no, we only use this term to suit our whims and desires.

We label this under the umbrella of a decent deed.

Let us all adhere to the rule of the good that says “never expect the return of good deed from anyone”. You have no idea what people can do as a result of your actions.

Oh! I know people with the clear intention of doing things in the name of goodness and yes, these are the people with the zeal of developing and making the community flourish. Their work has extended to some unknown cities, regions, and communities, they are for the poor and the less privileged.

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They work wholeheartedly and sincerely. They abandoned their bad ways, their self-assignment, and personal life and respond to the calls of the poor. What a heart soothing possession!

Besides, they reach out to the rich and tell them “the poor are calling you” with heartbreaking constraints. Other times, they respond to the call of the poor with their little abundance.
These are people we call a great leader.

“We are the lack that takes your lacks” Shola Owonibi. He said in his book ‘Homeless, not Hopeless.

The poor are worried about asking you for their needs for they also know how hard people strive for a living. They sleep in hunger and smile with hope. They are depressed and dislike asking you to give out from your lack.

I also know the rich who care a lot about responding to the call of the poor, they cared, they feel and understand how or what it takes to kept mum in hunger.

I also know of people with wealthy credentials who lived amidst hundreds of thousands of underprivileged but how do you think his wealth is going to reach the other poor people.

In this article. I would like you to understand the concept of being a rich creation among the poor.

The world we see is full of a good companion and also the scrooge ones.

Those who volunteered willingly and reached out to the less privileged with a gratified, appreciative, and a pleasing heart also exist on the face of the heart.

They are all trying to make a clear change to humanity, let’s appreciate their work and give respect to their dignity and the time they spent with the poor for they have their primary aim in life before reaching out and considering the poor.

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    Really motivating and captivating, more grease to your elbow..
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      Hi Saheed!
      Thanks for the positive response. We will be glad if you check back.

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